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You are seriously thinking of redoing your contemporary living room and need at least five ideas for choosing a contemporary sofa. Your house has that modern appeal and you want the interior to become just as modern.

Your living area is pretty much open and a square sofa would fit perfectly. Groupings can be created to accommodate entertainment evenings. Centered groupings can be done around a free-standing fireplace.

A contemporary living room will need a style that is varied by fabric and frame materials. A white and chrome sofa works well with a white shag area rug surrounded by white walls. If there are large glass windows, that is all the better.

Another design would be a corner sofa for your contemporary living area. It can be made from wood and covered with shades of brown or black leather, giving a rustic feeling to the room. A corner sofa is very adaptable, fitting in any different sized rooms. Small sofas seat three to four people and larger sofas can seat seven to eight people.

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