10+ Comfortable DIY Computer Desk Ideas

Working on a computer has become trending that likely will be more popular in the future. You can purchase a store-bought computer desk or make your own. Whether it is for your office or home there is a unique desk design to make your workload easier. Of course, not every computer desk is cheap and suitable for you. Then, why not try to make your own DIY computer desk.

Maybe making DIY computer desk feel likes a lot of a job, and will take your times. Well, of course, it will take times, but it’s definitely worth it. By doing it yourself, you can build a computer desk to your own liking and taste.

From compact computer desk to all in one desk cabinet. You can make your ideal DIY computer desk that fit your working style and makes working a lot more fun. Here is some list to help you find the most suitable ones.

Hanging Computer desk makes your room look gorgeous

You need complete comfort when working with a computer. Not only the table needs to be stable and sturdy. Your body posture needs to have the right support. This hanging desk with wires attach to the wall gives plenty room below for your feet to relax. The height of the table can be set in accordance with your height, making it more comfortable for working.

Comfortability As Your Main Priority Concept

Don’t you just hate it when working, you need to adjust your computer angles, and wishing to have a more comfortable sitting posture? Well, here is the solution to your problem. This design utilizes how to sit long without getting uncomfortable in front of the desktop. Of course, it’s simple and easy to make, which is a good point.

Using this comfortable design will ensure you can have a nice day working without getting sore aching back, Overall, we can say that this DIY computer desk is a great idea to have if you working especially in the home.

Vintage style for computer desk!

A simple vintage looking desk is all you need for working. Keeping your work desk simpler is actually better. That way you do not pile everything on the top of the desk and the structure is adequate for working long hours.

Saves spaces with minimalist design of computer desk

Try a slim DIY computer desk for working either at home or st work. It does not takes up too much shape and have all your essentials nearby. There is enough room to put your papers, coffee and even though in some fresh plants. The light wood and gray structure make a clean appearance. It is light and modern at the same time.

Level Shelves also suitable for computer desk

Working from home does not necessary means you need a special computer desk. It can be clearing a spot on an open cabinet or having leveled computer desk. Either way, Combining a functional desk for working as well as interior decoration is a great idea. Arrange your desk and decoratives items right on their own space so it does not disturb one another and yet can actuality appeals to each other.

A computer desk attached to a sewing table

A long and thick wooden DIY computer desk is a perfect fit for working as well as doing other things. Especially, if you are working from home and often time multitasking. For example, take a look at this, the wide clear surface can cater to a various load of the task that you need to do in one time. In addition, the multiple drawer help to make the desk clean in all times.

Two combination color of wooden and white makes computer desk look beautiful

People need to pay attention to comfort as well as esthetic when designing a working area. You need to be able to work in comfort and have a healthy working posture also. This farmhouse-inspired DIY computer desk scream of cozy and warm in a modern way. The open cabinet makes it easier to reach out for things that you need.

Minimalist and simple design of computer desk

A reclaimed dark wooden desk creates a unique addition to the house. The side drawer beneath the table as well on top of it makes an appealing design. The whole dare color will be more noticeable against a plain background.

The Multifunctional computer desk fused with the bed

Small space is not an obstacle to have a working area in your home. This multipurpose piece of furniture can be turned in to a bed a night and a home office with tables and reclining structure that can be changed in accordance with needs.

Glass and metal materials made into a elegant computer desk

A glass computer DIY computer desk makes your home more modern than ever. Nowadays, you can easily have a futuristic and modern vibe for your furniture. Moreover, it is easier to clean and its sophisticated structure makes you working hours for unnoticed.

Floating computer desk also good for your room decoration

A minimalist home kind of makes you think simpler. For example, if there is a way to have a home office that can fit a small home, you might want to considers it. A floating DIY computer desk attaches on the wall cater just enough computer necessary and not crowded the areas with important papers and workload only. Additionally, the floating feature also makes doing cleaning easier.

Minimalist and simple design of computer desk make your room look gorgeous

The home office of the double-length DIY computer desk consists of a wide table for your laptop and a narrow wooden slab. Well, it’s perfect for holding stationary, books and even decorative items to comfort your tired eyes. The furry mat underneath can be a comfortable feature for your home office.

Simple computer desk that suitable for any kind of decoration room

A sturdy wooden and metal work area is a perfect fit for a small home. The open compartment makes it easier to get what you need. They are just right for keeping stationery and crafts close at hand. Every element all together makes working more fun.

Best of computer desk design!

Working for long hours can be tiring. You may think that you need a sophisticated DIY computer desk. However, just a simple large table is adequate as a working area. Comfy chairs and the decorative wall can be a pleasant view to freshen the eyes and works comfortably. The long piece of furniture provides ample working area or just enough space for someone that like to spread out.

Computer desk complete with storage of other items

Put everything you need for working in one place.  It makes working at home a lot easier. You can focus better on having a computer desk with lots of compartment in it. After you are done, close up everything and you can go about your day and not thinking about work.


12+ Adorable DIY Cat Tree For Your Beloved Cat

Are you a cat person? Do you have cats at home? This furry feline companion extremely needy and adorable. They constantly need your attention, pat on the head and do not forget to play with them. So, if you are thinking of giving your cat the ultimate pampering, then making your very own DIY cat tree is something to considers.

For anyone who seems confused, the cat tree provides your cat with a miniature of a tree which they can climb whenever they want. We all know that felines creature likes high place usually. This is especially true, at least for the common cat we usually raise in our own home.

Because of the reason above, there is a need for having a cat tree for your kitty. Well, if you are interested in this project, but don’t know where to start. Then, here are some pictures to get you some ideas which can inspire you on your DIY cat tree.

Minimalist Cat Tree make your pet feels cozy

Initially, the cat will try to sharpen and clean their claws by scathing them. This is one activity that any cat’s owner will find annoying and not cute at all. They will scratch your leather sofa, and damage your curtains. So, dedicate one area for them to do their thing is the best thing to do, to keep their claws clean and your furniture safe from cat’s scratches.

Big DIYcat tree with the simple and easy design

Having more than one cat means a bigger cat tree. A three-tier cat tree will be sufficient and provides many rooms for you cat to play around. From one tier to another they will surely enjoy scratching, swinging and playing around either with each other or the tree accessories. The small wooden stair is a nice touch that makes the overall structure even cuter

Luxurious Cat Towers with Woven Round Basket

A cat tree does not always need to be playful. It also can be sophisticated and luxury. By paying attention to the essential this round basket on top of a three-pole is the place for your cat to nap. While the playing area is limited to one hanging fur ball and a scratching area in one of the pole. Simple yet adequate. The small area on the bottom can also be a place for your cat for resting after tired playing around.

Cat Tree on the wall makes your cat happy to play

When you heard the word cat tree. It does not literally mean have to resemble tree-like shaped. This cat playing area on the wall is a great wall to utilize an empty space on the wall. It is also a great way to make your very own unique treehouse.

DIY cat tower with a nice box for cats

When your cat tree design matches the interior of your house. It is such a pleasant sight and the place where your cat is playing feels like a part of the home decoration and blends perfectly. These cubes boxes and its casual color fit the minimalist theme of the living room.

Use the cat tower and plant on the wall for home decorations

A combination of plants and strings of wide fabrics and its large cat tree makes an amusing decoration that not only makes your cat happy but also creates playful home decor. The additional green plants add a hint of color that even the cats do not mind.

Comfortable and minimalis kitty house!

Your cat very own tent on the corner give a nice private area for her or him napping and bring cute as ever. You can take three wide planks of wood and attach them together. The simple design can be easily done by any beginner level of carpentry.

A woven cat tower that looks elegan, classical, and also makes your cat feels cozy

If a not big and large cat tree is not your style, or moreover not your cat’s ideal tree. Then maybe the feline friend will enjoy this woven short tower that has a basket on top with strings of ropes as a place form them to do as much scratching as they wanted.

Big tower idea for your cats!

A large and tall tree for your cat is really going to make your cat even happier. It means there are more steps to climbs and staging areas. This black and white cat tree stand tall in the corner giving your cat a very playful and private place to play around.

Adorable cat tower with a mini house

If you are thinking of making your own cat tree, then there is no need to think of the difficult design. You can even use an old birdhouse and turn it into a cozy cat tower for your cat. Now, all you need as just some high and sturdy pole and cover everything with soft furry fabric and strings of strings as a scratching area.

Adorable and cozy cat towers!]

What a cute and comfortable cat tree. The softcover all around the tower is so cozy that can make your catnapping all day without moving an inch. Moreover, the pawn like a like window is an adorable touch for your cat’s home. The tree poles hanging with fur balls means you are not kidding when you want your cat to enjoy themselves.

Cat tower with a slide will make your cat fun while playing

“A cat has nine lives” is a saying that states how a cat can just juggle through just about any living area. It also says that a cat can have a very high tower with steep slides and still manage to call it fun. Your cat can slide down or even climbs up on the same slide, with no hassles.

Cat towers with the rustic design

A jungle concept cat tree with an abundance of fur and a tree from a real unused tree is a great way to recycle as well as giving a tree a second life. Your cat will live in a nice and rustic tree with a natural feels.

DIY cat tree for modern living room

Modernize your cat tree in accordance with your home interior design. A velvet covers on the entire tree structures and darker strings around the pole revamps your cat tree. It becomes more sleek and modern appeals.

Cat climbing tree with leaves

This cat tree inspired by actual trees with fake leaves, branches looks alike and green grass. With this one particular shady cat tree, your cat can sense somehow an outdoor ambiance while having a great home decor addition as well.