15 Chic Bathroom Storage Ideas (That Make Your Bathroom Look Spacious)

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Has your bathroom looks smaller day after day? Maybe it’s causing by lots of clutter such as cosmetics, toothbrushes, towels, robes or even shaving supplies. Well, before your bathroom is getting smaller and narrow, there are some bathroom storage ideas that can help you to organize your bathroom.

Small Storage with Scandinavian Decoration for Bathroom

Do you want the anti-mainstream design for your bathroom? Well, if you installing the line and brick accents on your wall then you can bring back the majestic Scandinavian soul to your private bathroom. Double sinks-cabinets, long-vertical racks also twin lightning above the full-length mirror will make your bath become more rustic.

Don’t forget to add wicker baskets on the lists as your personal storage. Try to add a couple of plants near the windows to bring life to the room. It will be nice, girl!

Adorable Furniture for Bathroom Storage Idea in Small Spaces

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to change it all. No, your small bathroom will look bigger if you organizing the storage correctly. Try to put all the items in the right storage such as hang your towels on the wall by using clothes hanger.

Or install woody shelves to save your bath essentials such as shampoo, soap, and other items. For wet towel, you can dry it on woody baskets beside the shelf. If you like the color palette and interesting lightning, you can change the color of your wall with soft color such as pink or green. Don’t forget to suit it with your other bath materials like shelf, towels, and baskets.

Simple Storage for Bathroom That Used by More Than One Person

Clean and neat are two of many bathroom problems which used by more than one person like college bathroom. For those reasons, simple storage must be the right choice to handle your problems. First, you can hang every one towel on the wall to saving space. Next, ceramic is one of the best material to make your bathroom easier to clean.

You can install ceramic as your public bathroom wall. For storage spaces, try bamboo or wood shelves to save all of you and your friend’s bathroom essentials. The color of the wood or bamboo has will match with the white expansions accents of your public bathroom.

Metal Shelves for Bathroom Storage Idea

Blue and white accents can be your decorative bathroom. This style will match with some metal shelves that used for saving your bathroom essentials. Black vertical metal shelves can maximize limited space and also looks match with “white accents” on all bath items.

You can try to add the wire baskets to feel airy more than traditional wood shelves. Don’t forget to add handsome multiple robe hooks to hang your towels and robes close. Oh, and like the ocean, blue ceramic will be the best choice for your bathroom wall. This design will free-up your valuable bathroom space. Trust me!

Large Cabinets Can be Incredible for Bathroom Storage with Shabby Chic Interior

Shabby chic style always becoming one of the best and favorite bathroom designs to make it looks so amazing. Start it with large white cabinets that can save many bathroom essentials. Add shelves under the window and give the interesting accessories on top of this item such as plants or other items to bring chic and natural feeling.

Oh, and don’t forget about the candle and also plants on top of the cabinet. This decoration looks match with the green wall behind the cabinet. For other stuff, install green curtain, and white bathtub, windows also door too to make your private room more decorative. Finally, you can bring wood line accents for your floor to bring this shabby chic style going to master level.

Solid and Neat Cabinets for Bathroom Storage Idea

All people know that the solid cabinet will make your home look neat. That’s why the bathroom also needs it too. The solid cabinet can store many bath items. Your bathroom will not be running out of storage space anymore. For more, try to add interesting double lightning for more futuristic bathroom.

Don’t forget to choose an interesting color for your wall too. You can choose the blue ocean color for paint wall, for example. This paint will match with other color accents used by other bathroom materials.

Simple Design of Wooden Drawer in Modern Bathroom

The old-school always the best, buddy! This style always looks so amazing and can combine with other designs such as modern style. For install this style in your bathroom, change your expensive modern drawer with cheap wooden drawer. Don’t worry because the cheap price doesn’t always mean not having good quality.

To make your bathroom looks modern, you must change all the bath materials with a neutral color like white. For clearly looks, install the full-big mirror and put the drawer under that material. Hang your towels on the double-hooks rightly near the mirror. You can add some plants accents for your interesting looks. Your bathroom will look like modern hotel bathrooms.

Shabby Chic Storage is a Good Choice for Bathroom

Whoever wants to install shabby chic style for his/ her bathroom, you must add charming feature wicket baskets in an empty space under-the-sink cabinet. You can also use a metal hook to hang bath stuff like towels or robes.

Furthermore, keep all the bath items in the same tone such as the cabinet, metal hang, hooks, and the-sink-cabinet. Try to use one color palette for your bathroom, exception white for marble-sink and wood color for the line-accents floor, of course. For your information, the big contrast between those items will give your shabby chic style more life.

Wooden Shelves are Suitable for a Bathroom with Scandinavian and Tropical Interior Design

Tropical and Scandinavian interior design can be the best choice for you who love the traditional design style. And for your information, wood and bamboo materials are “must” for this interior design. Choose wood racks, bamboo or wicker baskets and also wood minimalist vertical-shelves for your storage.

These storages will match with your white floating-sink, girl! Put racks under the floating-sink. Try gray color for your floor and brightest color for your wall background. And to make more Tropical and Scandinavian style, you can put a couple of house plants to bring life to the design.

Beautiful Bathroom Storage with Wooden Shelves and Woven Container

Woven containers with multiple sizes can bring the rustic look for your bathroom because anyone will agree with the idea that they always make excellent storage. This storage keeps all bathroom essentials clean and safe while it also adding the rustic charm for your bathroom.

Same with that choice, a wooden shelf can also become a great storage ladder because it will bring decorative style and serve places not only for linens and towels but also for other bath items. Like any bathroom else in the whole world, you can hang the mirror likes clothes hanger on the wall, right above the container. Because of this design, anytime you entry into your bathroom, you will be amazed about how bigger and neat your small bathroom to be now. Trust me!

Premium Wooden Furniture for Bathroom Storage Idea

Wooden furniture with premium quality always becomes the best choice for bathroom design. Many interior designers are fascinated by the combination of nature accents with modern material. To copy this design, install the wooden furniture like a cabinet, shelves, and floor.

Combine these items with a green-paint wall and white marble-sink to make your bathroom looks more modern. Keep those feelings with install double wall-mounted shelving units above sink-table. Put your other bathroom items and essentials such as toiletries, soaps, shampoos or other stuff in the cabinet. This design will be your best bathroom storage idea ever, girl!

Modern Cabinets with Futuristic and Unique Design for Bathroom Storage

Floating storage is the best way to maximize your bathroom space. Like in this futuristic and unique bathroom storage idea, floating-marble materials which used white and little-black accents as color are such a pretty display design for your modern bathroom.

Try an unusual muted lightning accent too to create a relaxing atmosphere. Choosing white color for marble sinks and floating shelves to make more modern style. Finally, install gray paint accents for your wall to get more futuristic bathroom storage look.

DIY Storage Makes Your Bathroom Look Gorgeous!

Girl, if you don’t want to spend many budgets for your bathroom anymore then inexpensive DIY hooks can be your right saving storage. This style always has its own unique design to make your bathroom look gorgeous. You can create your own design with your own imagination. Nowadays, you can see many references about DIY bathroom storage on interior design websites or Pinterest.

For example, you can install a thick board and multiple hooks on the brick-wall to save your bath essentials. Elegant glasses which installed on those hooks can make your bathroom less cluttered. Copper metal-shelves also help your bathroom looks more attractive to save roll-towels and other bathroom essentials like face-wash or soaps which placed on top. For more saving space, don’t forget to install the towel rack to hang your wet towels.

Simple and Neat of Bathroom Storage Inside Drawer

The drawer can be your saving space, dear! Your items will be completely hiding from your sight. So, your looks will be perfectly neat. You don’t need other storage systems to make your bathroom looks clean and neat. Just keep them all inside your drawer to saves floor space.

Sort your items in the drawer by categories such as makeup, comb, electric item like hair-dryer or vitamins. You can place those items in the plastic or small box dividers. With that drawer organizer, you can find everything that you want easier in the morning. It’s simple, right?

Save Spaces with Used Below Sink for Bathroom Storage

Ceramic surface for sink-cabinet is perfect for your modern and neat bathroom style. It’s so durable, easy to clean, and the most important is inexpensive. Under the surface, wood black materials create a chic solid with the bathroom system. The large space of the sink-cabinet has is never failed to save the storage space for your bathroom essentials. Furthermore, use the metal hand-grip on every rack to hang your towels.

So, with many varieties of those bathroom storage ideas, you can choose the best design for you. Maybe shabby chic, tropical, Scandinavian or even modern bathroom storage system. That’s all on you but remember, whatever the size of your bathroom, small or big, your style choice will look a well-organized and a cluttered bathroom if you handle it with all your best. Think carefully about what truly design that you really want and then combine it with your storage stocks in your home. If you are not careful about it, your bathroom can look like a mess.

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