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So many parts in interior design that can make a room becomes alive and has a character. It can starts from the color, materials selection (wood, ceramic, vinyl, or stone), to other interior elements such as furniture, lamps, kind of plants and plant pots, wall decorations, etc. The point is, what exactly you want to show? Do you want to apply a modern minimalist style? Retro style? Or industrial design?

Before you go further, you have to know that the interior style reflects the owner character. Are you a present person? I think you can start with a modern minimalist style. Addict with old fashion things? You can go with vintage or retro style. And so on.

Yeah. You can start from there.

After that, you can exactly choose which kind of interior designs that you want to apply. This time, I will talk about one of the furniture in the bathroom that can accentuate the design character you choose: vanity. Go scroll down and you can see 15 vanity designs to make your bathroom has a strong character and look stunning.

Minimalist furniture for tiny bathroom

Minimalist design is intended as a tactic to deal with limited space. Because of that, usually, the furniture designs will look simple and saving space. Like this one, a vanity for the bathroom made from solid wood that combined with putting a sink on top of it, so that it gives a compact and sturdy impression. The drawers make it easy for you to store various items such as towel and makeup tools.

Victorian cottage style on the vanity for small spaces bathroom

This classic Victorian vanity with lots of storage drawers will give you luxurious bathroom impressions even you have small space. This is also supported by the marble on the sink that blends with the vanity. If you choose this kind of vanity to your bathroom, I think you get a perfect combination of the elegant and luxury look.

Simple white vanity for bathroom interior

Simplicity is one of the white color characteristics. There’s a clean and bright impression when you display any white decorations or furniture in your home, including a bathroom. This white vanity will bring you not only simplicity but also a broad impression. With a lot of drawers and storage racks, this is the right choice for saving space in your bathroom.

Luxurious furniture for master bathroom inspiration

The stone sink table gives a luxurious touch with this modern minimalist style vanity. Its dark color makes this vanity dominates the bathroom interior atmosphere.

Elegant white vanity to make a glamour bathroom

White that looks simple can bring out the luxurious and elegant side. It depends on how we set the room and what kind of interior design should be combined. If you want to show how glamour your bathroom interior with white color, combine it with vintage style. You can look at this one and see how the white color all over the interior, but giving classic and glamour looks.

Luxury wooden design on vanity

Making wood as an interior focus can also make your bathroom look stunning and luxurious. This vanity design looks accentuating its classic impression and also bring the luxurious look on the whole design.

Minimalist furniture with traditional style

Dare to try a traditional style? The classic and vintage impression is clearly attached to this traditional style of vanity. This design shows that the storage area doesn’t always have to merges with the vanity. With the separate storage cabinet, this whole vanity design can give a new look to your bathroom.

Double wooden vanity with modern style

Modern style is always identical with a firm straight line. Made of wood, this vanity looks solid and sturdy. You can choose this modern style of vanity if you want a simple but not old-fashioned look.

Double vanity with lightning creates a classy bathroom

Bringing a classy impression to the bathroom doesn’t mean you have to use fancy decorations. Simply by choosing a stone-patterned vanity with dark colors and adding modern minimalist wall lamps, you can get that impression.

An incredible modern style

This minimalist modern style vanity looks so stylish combined with the wooden wall decor. The white and black colors represent the modern design. This kind of vanity is suitable for you who want simplicity in the bathroom.

Rustic vanity for small spaces bathroom

Rustic style always draws attention with its abstract characteristics design. Besides that, this kind of interior style is signed with the using of the wood element with a rough look. When you take a deep look at this vanity, you will notice a rough finishing on the wood. It’s added with a dark color application that looks old-fashioned.

Simple vanity with masculine style for all the boys!

By combining a dark grey color with natural brown will give you a masculine atmosphere to your bathroom. The vanity design is also important. Choose a simple old-fashioned vanity style and add other masculine decorations such as a deer antlers wall decor.

Classy and luxury vanity style

A modern minimalist vanity design is one of the best choices if you want to show a classy and luxurious look to your bathroom. You can choose a dark color on the vanity to strengthen those impressions.

Cute decoration vanity for teen girls!

Adding bright color spots to your daughter bathroom can create a cheerful impression. For example, you can choose colorful wall decor, but keep the vanity in white tone. That’s mean to give a space to your eyes with all the contrast colors.

Amusing vanity for girls

Making a colorful bathroom can be an option. You can give a soft pink color on the wall and a patterned vanity with a combination of beige and pink. Don’t forget to keep a white space such as on the sink table as a balance of color compositions.


Well, do you find an interesting vanity for your bathroom? Don’t hesitate to share this article if you think it will be useful to others. Thank you!

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