15 Top Blue Bedroom Ideas in 2019

It will be great if you’re staying on a bedroom which represents what you’re feeling and what you’ve loved, especially when it comes to the tones and colors. Between many people mostly applying their favorite color as a tone of their bedroom, blue is considered as an ultimate one. Looking so calming and serene, this color is mostly applied in any decoration scheme as much as it never looks so boring.

So let’s find out why is the blue color really favorable for mostly people. This color looks classic as customizable choice for any décor scheme. Each shade of this color spreads a coziness and comfort into your bedroom. A different feeling will come across to your room as much as this color pasted there. From the navy to bright aqua, here are the best blue bedroom ideas you can easily apply to your bedroom.

Modern style bedroom with vintage propeller make bedroom look extraordinary

When you’d prefer to decorate your bedroom to be more modern and elegance, just try to apply this style. You can use a dark blue color to enhance elegance of your bedroom with vintage propeller swinging on the top of ceiling. By keeping your room in a dark-blue tone, it will make a balance between the lighter colors of the wall.

Wooden floor with navy walls and white roof make bedroom look incredible

When you’re feeling so bored with all the tones inside your bedroom and try to turn it into blue tones, just decorate it with some varieties. Wooden floor with navy walls and white roof can be a great option to give any different touch to your bedroom.

Linen navy walls with awesome furnitures

This design will give a modern and fresh atmosphere into your bedroom. With linen navy walls and surrounded by awesome furniture, your bedroom feels so comfy and pleasing. You can also give some bright accents hung on the wall to get a feeling on your bedroom like you’re on holiday at the same time.

Small navy bedroom decorated with various items look very unique and comfortable

There are various tones of blue, and the popular one is a navy blue. With giving some touches of navy that combining with some of stuffs like blazer, big pillows, and some of amusing photos hung on your wall, your bedroom will perfectly cozy, comfy, and peppy.

Combination of navy, brown and gold is perfect and make the bedroom look luxury

For those who want to make their bedroom looks so luxury in blue, brown or gold, this design is something you need to take. Though blue tone can be styled in any gender, it’s a good choice to apply this style whether it’s supposed to be used by the male or female. Yet, it’s also suitable for any age bracket.

Navy painted combined with wooden wallpapers with aesthetic furnitures makes the bedroom look luxurious

It’s a good option to decorate your serene sleep space in blue feel with applying a turquoise and coral tones. With pasting any navy tones and combine it with wooden wallpapers, this idea will drive your bedroom into the aesthetic and luxurious one.

Aesthetic bedroom with brick navy

Seems like applying rude materials as the part of your grey bedroom concept never goes wrong, especially when it’s using brick as the materials of your walls. This designs will give you more cozy atmospheric with cool bed and navy exposed bricks that covering your wall.

The comfort of a large bed with cute decorations such as navy walls and floral curtains

Another excellent way to make your bedroom looks so great is by striking it in blue patterns. Try to apply some bold blue patterns of the wallpaper or drapery fabric then mix it with mixed blue-white bedding to give unique and eye catching styles. Though blue tones make your rooms become more airy and give a modern feel, so try to be more selective on put any accessories or stuffs into your bedroom.

The complexion of bule trees makes the bedroom be extraordinary

This concept will totally make your bedroom looks so fresh and very exciting in navy tone. Put twin beds over there, the complexion of blue trees and the combination of soft colors on bed makes the bedroom become more extraordinary.

Blue gradation painted with victorian-modern interior are suitable for small bedroom

When you have is only a bedroom with very small space but you still want to make it comfy, just apply a simple and classic design with paste a blue color into your room. The gradation of blue with Victorian-modern interior looks so suitable especially when it comes to the small bedroom.

Cottage bedroom with light blue and ceiling roof

This cottage bedroom with light blue and ceiling roof may be a perfect option for you. Applying blue that mixed with white tones on your bedroom will also makes the space more airy. But first, you need to ensure that you have kept all things clean.

Modern bedroom interior with sailor elements

Decorating your room with any sailor elements can be so unique as long as there is any blue tone in your bedroom. Moreover, all the blue accents founded on the wall will also inspire creativity for anyone who stays over there.

Cozy and chic interior can make you relax!

This design is totally simple as long as you know how to do this clearly. Though the blue tone is used as a focal point of your bedroom, need to remember that you don’t have to paste all this color on your walls. Just keep the ceiling in white tones to give more comfort into your bedroom.

Blue sky painted with white stripes make bedroom look beautiful!

Applying blue bedroom ideas as a basic color of the bed-cover really looks so rich and eye-catching. You can also give some of soft tone such as grey or white to create a feeling of serenity. Putting some of wall-dressings as a focal point will also make your bedroom looks so greater.

Simple vintage decoration but still perfect and cozy!

Though most of bedroom decoration ideas drive the design into modern style, it is still relevant if you’re applying a vintage touch into your bedroom. Try to apply any traditional patterns such as storage, books shelving, and lamplight in neutral tones to make it looks perfect and cozy.

Get so much interest to turn your bedroom into blue? Check all the best blue bedroom ideas we’ve explained up above and try to make your own comfy room easily.


15 Basement Bedroom Ideas You Should Know

Not like another side of your home, basement looks so useless with less benefit it gives when you’re trying to turn it as another. Giving a cold, dark, and humid atmosphere, basement can be considered as a space which has a minimum comfort especially when you try to turn it into bedroom. With less attractiveness it can give, people mostly will avoid this place to be the place they can use to take a rest.

But don’t you know that basement still can look so great as far as you know how to decorate it, especially as a bedroom? With good plan and proper design, your basement could be the place that will give you much coziness as good as another side on main levels. Though it doesn’t look so difficult to find any basement bedroom ideas, here we show you top 10 ideas you can apply to your basement.

Minimalist interior of basement bedroom idea

Having a basement bedroom sometimes feels so overwhelming. Though mostly people think that basement has less function, but with applying this style, you may find your bedroom looks so gorgeous. Try to put minimalist things into your bedroom such as colorful bed, built-in wall shelves, and unique wall art to make it looks perfect.

Neatly and simple interior in basement room

Your basement could also become comfortable as long as you know how to decorate it perfectly. It’s good to keep your bedroom walls in neutral tones, but try to play colors on your bedroom to give more different touch. A plaid bedroom will also make your bedroom more perfect.

The comfortable decorating for basement bedroom inspiration

Mostly people need to make their bedroom to be comfy, and the basement bedroom ideas is no exception. Turn your basement bedroom to be more minimalist can be the great option you can apply. With simple shelves and the bed covered in neutral tone, it’s going to be perfectly awesome for your room.

Simple but effect interior design!

There is nothing more efficient but simple ideas you apply to your bedroom. With wooden accents come to your beddings and very simple couch next to it, it’s perfectly awesome with more comforts go to your basement bedroom.

Minimalist and neatly decoration in tiny basement

A tiny bedroom doesn’t mean you get a little chance to make it cozy. Applying the minimalist concept with neatly decoration, you will experience a different ambience of your bedroom even it’s based on basement.

Cozy and warm interior design for master bedroom in basement

Placing the master bedroom into basement doesn’t seem like totally wrong as long as it’s decorated with the perfect concept. Applying a cozy and warm interior design over your basement bedroom will give a comfy and cozy atmospheric place you can live there.

The incredible basement bedroom with simple interior

Once again, it never goes wrong with any minimalist design you’ll take to make over your room, especially when it comes to the basement bedroom. With any unique furniture, wooden accent on walls, and mixed-neutral tone on bedding, your basement bedroom looks perfectly bright.

Contemporary interior for big spaces in basement

Wooden furniture will be affecting more to the minimalism concept you want to apply to your basement bedroom, but remember that you need to be more selective and do it perfectly. With simple contemporary chair and desk besides the neutral tone of bed, it will visually give you more space over your bedroom.

Modern style bedroom in small basement

Get a modern bedroom over your basement won’t be that difficult if you have already known what that design has realized how easy to do it. Begin with mixing some colors of the tone and paste some of linen concept over your basement bedroom to give a different touch and more space over your tiny room.

Modern furniture with white pattern wallpapers make basement bedroom look luxury

It won’t be impossible to make your basement as a comfy bedroom. Giving some modern touch into it and cover the walls with neutral tones seems like a great idea to turn it as a good play to stay. Well, by placing some of modern furniture over your basement bedroom will also make it looks gorgeous.

Artistic painting make simple basement look aesthetic

Having a basement bedroom sometimes feels so boring, so you need to try some different changes into your room. Instead of giving some of wall-hangings on the walls, it’s better to paste some artistic paintings to make your bedroom looks more aesthetic.

Gray gradation with wooden furniture can be incredible for basement bedroom

Begin with paste some natural tones like the gradation of grey on your headboard, nightstand, and dried arrangement to give a rustic look and enhancing your room’s comfort. In addition, try to place some of wooden furniture to make your basement bedroom more luxurious.

Gorgeous basement with vintage-modern decoration

A contemporary accent can be functioned as a thing that can make your basement bedroom looks so gorgeous. Who said it can be that hard? Look into what we have above, and prove that something never goes wrong while you turn the vintage style into contemporary.

Wooden flooring with vintage furniture will be exquisite for basement bedroom

We’re totally agree that there’s nothing goes wrong with a wooden accents, and it’s proved with the design showed up above. Instead of using wooden patterns into your walls or ceiling, it looks more gorgeous as much as it’s applied as a floor.

Old style but still good for basement bedroom interior

Old but gold, that what’s most of people always said. No need to throw all your vintage stuffs away, the things you only need is putting it all on the suitable side to make it looks more eye-catching. Giving a different ambience into your bedroom, it’s absolutely perfect to be applied in a basement as well.

Mostly the basement is considered as the place that has no much function with less comfort, but by applying some following basement bedroom ideas we’ve covered up above, you have so much chance to turn it into the amazing one.