15 Pretty Girls Bedroom Ideas

There might be many possibilities come to girls bedroom ideas, that’s why girls can do anything they want to decorate theirs. From the pretty furniture to the pinky tones cover the wall, there will be many ideas that can be applied into the girl’s bedroom. Though the girls can do anything on decorating their room, it’s better to find the rightest design they can take from the review we’ve covered down below.

Cozy bed in baby pink and white elements

It will be absolutely mistaken while you’re thinking that your bedroom is only considered as the place that functioned to sleep. There are many things that girls can do inside their bedroom including doing work, reading, writing, or getting inspiration. Instead of only paint your wall with neutral tones, it’s better to put some of baby pink interior to make it looks perfectly girly.

Wooden walls witn grey and baby pink shade makes bedroom look classy

Let’s see on the next idea, this style is applying wooden walls with grey and baby pink rugs lean on the walls make it more comfy and cozy for any girls décor. With twin comfy couches next to bed and the small table in the midst, your comfy bedroom is not something that impossible to get.

Hanging lamps wrapped in wicker makes the bedroom look gorgeous!

Could you see how’s luxury this bedroom style? It’s a perfect idea girls can take especially when they turn their bedroom to be classier. With adding a hanging lamp wrapped in wicker on the ceiling and put a vanity mirror next to bed is a way to do it. Yet, the hanging chandelier, vanity mirrors and dresser feel so match and look perfectly classy.

The incredible bedroom with light grey and white interior

Mostly girls never want to reject all the soft and neutral tones such as dark, gray, or brown. With applying wooden floors, vintage small desk, wicker chandelier, and unique chair, this idea is perfectly great to be applied in the girls’ bedroom.

Grey it is suitable for girls bedroom interior design

There is no exception that grey tone is absolutely suitable for girls’ bedroom. Look into what we have up above, an incredible bedroom idea styled in a gray pattern. With keeping your bedroom in a neutral tone, it’s perfectly nice for girls’ bedroom interior design.

Victorian style makes bedroom have warm atmosphere and look luxury

The gradation of the neutral colors mixed with wooden accents of the storage in Victorian interior looks so suitable especially when it comes to the small bedroom. Especially for girls, with applying this décor, they will get their bedroom surrounded with warm atmosphere and yet also looks absolutely luxury. So, try to apply this idea to your bedroom for any warmer ambience.

Girls bedroom idea with shibby chic of vintage style interior

Things you need to know that shabby bedroom doesn’t always feel so bad, especially when it comes to the girls’. Even though it looks so untidy, but by decorating your bedroom as much as the decoration we’ve pictured up above, it will give you a lovely chic bedroom surrounded in vintage interior even though it looks quietly shabby.

Simple but effect! modern style bedroom with lightning mirror

When we’re talking about girl’s bedroom, it’s absolutely needed to place some of girly stuffs including the lightning mirror through the bedroom. Combining any modern style and some of vintage touch, this idea is totally simple but really effect!

Lightning decoration makes bedroom look awesome!

The girl’s bedroom never could be separated from the lightning. By paste some of lightning decoration that surrounding walls, this idea is clearly awesome especially for any girls that need any comfy zone on their life.

Simple design for small girls bedroom interior

This comfy nuance combined with neutral patterns is nicely matched with a bright white bedspread and unique decorative wallpapers. Moreover, the hook that standing next to the bed is perfectly great composition for the cozy girl bedroom.

Cozy bedroom with indiana style

This bedroom idea is taking the inspiration from the Indian style of girl’s bedroom decorating. With any unique lightning surrounds the wall and featuring any colorful elements implemented on the beddings with keeping things around in colorful tones, this design will look incredibly awesome and giving the girl new experience.

Use sofa-shaped bed for saves space in small room

Getting confused on decorating small and tiny bedroom? Try this simple idea. You just need to use sofa-shaped bed for saves space in small room, so it will be looking wider and more spacious visually. The colorful patterns are also giving any different touch over the girl’s bedroom.

Glamourous and trendy style for girls bedroom idea

It’s a perfect example idea to take if you want to turn your girl’s bedroom to be more glamorous. With adding simple lamp on the ceiling and put any hooks in front of the bed is a great way to make it comes true. Yet, the hanging lamp, simple hooks, and comfy beddings feel so matching one another and look perfectly glamorous through it.

Super cozy bed with incredible decoration for girls bedroom inspiration

This is very inspiring bedroom idea for any girls with giving so much coziness surrounded in an incredible decoration. There is no exception, when you try to spend your time by staying on this kind of place, it’s pretty sure you will never tend to go out due to its comforts and coziness.

Unique-shaped lamp with amazing furniture makes bedroom look classy!

Adding a unique-shaped lamp over your girly bedroom? It’s a great idea you can do. Just go with giving some amazing furniture such as shaped lamp, a unique wall-hangings, and the neatly picture on the walls to make it looks greater than you had before.

The girl’s bedroom is a very special place that needs to be decorated well as much as they want. Whether it’s used for sleeping, working, playing, or even resting, it still need to be created in which best style they want to apply. So, instead of doing something wrong over your bedroom, for any girls, it’s good to check what we have up above and take the idea you’d prefer to apply.


15 Grey Bedroom Ideas You Should Know

When you’re going to decorate your bedroom, the only things you need to be prepared well are about the styles and the designs. Whether you want to use your room as the place to taking a rest, to do your job, or just spending a time for chilling, you need to make it as perfect as you’re dreamt before. Though there are many tones that mostly people take to colorize their bedroom, grey bedroom ideas is the great one.

Mostly people like to turn their bedroom into the cozy and comfy one, that’s why they take neutral tones such as white, gray, or brown to give a serene atmosphere. But decorating your bedroom is not always about the colors of paint, you need also combine all stuffs inside your bedroom to get a great composition of shade. Getting confused? Check all these stunning ideas and the way how to do it perfectly.

Elegant room with drak grey and a little touch dark purple color in items

There will be no mistake if you’re taking any colors to be mixed as patterns of your bedroom, especially dark and purple. As you can see, some of items that covered in purple then combined with dark grey giving much different touch into the bedroom.

The Glamour style bedroom with grey and tosca elements

If you’re thinking that a grey is only can be mixed with Tosca, you’re totally wrong. Look into what we have, a glamour style bedroom covered in mixed gray and Tosca. Being impressed enough? So try to apply this idea to make your bedroom looks greater.

Medium grey look incredible in bedroom with country-modern style

Following any rules on decorating your bedroom it’s not even necessary as long as you know what the right composition to do it. Look into what we have up above, an incredible bedroom idea styled in a country-modern style. No exception, grey bedroom ideas is a perfect ideas you need to apply as your bedroom pattern.

Scandinavians interior make bedroom look gorgeous and elegant

For those who love Scandinavian style, it may be the perfect option you can apply. Combining grey patterns with any Scandinavian items, it totally looks incredible without losing its elegance. Just try to play with any plants to give any freshness into your bedroom.

Grey panelled linen wall can be perfect for bedroom

It will be more satisfying as long as you follow your passion while you’re decorating a bedroom. Giving some of silver and grey patterns make your bedroom looks perfectly aesthetic with any ornaments pasted on the wall. Furthermore, applying grey-paneled linen wall can also be perfect for your cozy bedroom.

Combined of wooden floor and white-grey elements are incredible

Even though it will look quiet weird, but mixing the grey tone of your bedroom with any touch of wood accents seems like never goes wrong. Try to put wooden touch as patterns of your wall to give warmer atmosphere into your bedroom. Yet, it looks perfectly comfy with applying white-grey elements into it.

Awesome modern style bedroom!

This is the perfect idea you can apply too! But first, you need to put any stuffs inside your bedroom cleverly to make it still look good and comfortable. With keeping the tones are in touch, and placing the furniture perfectly, an awesome modern style will come into your bedroom.

Luxurious bedroom with farmhouse interior

Combining gray patterns with any farmhouse interior? Why Not! This is the perfect way to make your bedroom looks totally luxurious. Applying vintages items will also give more comforts into your bedroom as long as you decorate it in right composition.

Simple decorating but still gorgeous with drak grey!

When you’d prefer to decorate your bedroom to be more elegance, just try to apply this style. You can use a dark grey pattern to enhance elegance of your bedroom. By keeping your room darker, it will make a balance between the lighter colors, so it a simple decorating style that keeps your bedroom looks gorgeous.

Wooden and dark grey of retro-modern style

Try to make your bedroom as impressive as a retro-modern style with applying some of wooden accent to your bedroom, buffets, storage, or any accessories inside there. Yet, it will also give you any different and fantastic experiences while you’re spending your time over there.

Bedroom will be perfect with combined by dark grey and navy

It won’t be a problem while you get so much interest on mixing any color you’re applying to your bedroom. Though there are many colors can be probably mixed with dark grey, a navy would be a good option you can take as long as it has the same atmosphere with grey. While a dark grey pattern is pasted dominantly into your wall, you can use blue navy as a color of your beds, pillows, or blankets.

Beautiful furniture and light grey makes bedroom look classy!

It’s good to make your bedroom keeps lightly comfy with neutral tones surround it. Yet, using the bed as the focal feature, this style will create an outstanding bedroom with so much classiness spreads on it. What a perfect bedroom idea!

Combination of blue sky and light grey also suitable for bedroom

Beside the tones, shades, or even the furniture, another part of your bedroom that has also a good impact on your bedroom’s look is the lightness. Though lightness is the most important thing need to be considered, just try to make your bedroom lightly with a combination of blue sky and light grey tones.

Baby pink and light grey is perfect combination!

Mixing a light-grey with baby-pink? It sounds so weird at the first, but still perfectly awesome when you’ve done it. Look into the picture we have, and feel how comfy it is. So, there’s no excuse to apply it on your bedroom.

Luxurious bedroom with grey elements of vintage interior

Last but not least, you’ll see the perfect combination of grey elements of vintage interior. As you can see on the picture up above, the vintage items are definitely a perfect choice when you try to put it over your grey-patterned bedroom.

It never goes wrong with grey bedroom ideas as long as you know how to put it into your bedroom perfectly. Look into ideas what we have up above, and apply it as much as you want.