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modern bathroom ideas

Some people get their inspiration in the bathroom. As if there was a magical thing happening in the bathroom and then ideas immediately appeared. I guess you often hear about this kind of story.

How your friends, colleagues, or your siblings told you that they just got an idea when they’re in the bathroom. Or..maybe you yourself experienced it! I think it’s because the atmosphere of the bathroom makes us enjoy and relax, so the ideas are just simply coming.

Well, I can say then, the bathroom isn’t only for bathing and cleaning up our body, right? The bathroom is one of the best space at your home to make you relax. This is the key.

Relaxing our body and mind is one of the main things that we need on these days. And of course, you can simply get it when you’re in your bathroom. So, this is why I want to show you 15 selected bathroom designs with a modern touch that will make your bathroom feel calming and relaxing. Modern bathrooms feature firm lines, a clean impression, precise design, and certainly charming. Let’s start and take a look.

Tropical decoration with natural stone on the wall

Tropical style is always fit with a modern bathroom. This kind of style brings you freshness and also calming. By installing natural stones on the wall and adding colors that match with the stones, it will certainly complement the modern tropical impression to your bathroom space.

Vanity in modern design for master bathroom

The idea to put vanity into your bathroom will bring you simplicity. You can do two activities at the same place: bathing and relaxing, plus self-makeup. You can also put a large mirror to add a broad and modern impression.

The natural atmosphere in modern style

To bring natural atmosphere to your modern bathroom, you can simply add the plants. The key is, choose and plant different types of vines. It’s just perfect to create a natural look.


Modern interior with panorama

One of the best ways that you can do to make you relax in the bathroom is to see the scenery right from your bathroom. Make a large window so you can enjoy the green trees outside. To put the modern style, you can show it by focusing on firm lines, bright wall colors and modern cylinder wall lights.

Interior plant in a modern bathroom can be so relaxing

Interior plant style is always a good idea to give relax sensations in your bathroom. You can choose indoor modern plant pot and glass partition for your shower space to accentuate a modern bathroom design. For the floor, I think it’s best to apply large tiles with soft pastel colors to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Luxurious modern interior with natural stone in a tiny bathroom

When you install natural stones to the walls of your bathroom, trust me that you’re not only getting the natural look, but also luxurious design. Even if you have small space, you can create a broad impression with using large tiles for the floor. Then, to make your modern bathroom style stronger, you can use a side table with straight lines design.

Ceramic tiles on the wall with wooden floor for modern bathroom

If you think that concrete or natural stones wall doesn’t match with your taste, then let’s play with ceramic tiles on the wall! For the combination, I suggest you use a wooden floor and a large mirror on the wall. This kind of modern bathroom design will show precision and straight lines, and also clean shape. Sounds interesting for you?

Wooden style is perfect for a modern bathroom idea

Wood is good. Wood is perfect. Why don’t you try to apply wooden modern style to your bathroom? Bring your side table and rack for your sanitary ware into a highlight. Make them eyeable with choosing wooden material. And for a modern touch, you can use modern square light and long mirror that attached to the wall.

Simple modern style in small spaces bathroom

Please don’t be worry if you’re dealing with a small space with your bathroom. Of course, you can still make a modern bathroom design. It’s just how to make it simple. Instead of using a side table or rack, you can create a closet that attached and covering the wall. First, you can use it to keep your clothes, towel, and sanitary ware, then for the plus, it becomes a strong point of modern design. How you get the simplicity and clean shape of modern characteristics.

Modern bathroom with bricks wall and make it all white

Do you ever think to bring white color becomes the main attraction to your bathroom? I guess, if you need a new and different modern atmosphere, then choose this kind of design! I can tell it’s a great idea for covering the wall with the bricks. The modern design also represented from the selection of the sanitary rack. And giving all white color, it just reflects the cleanliness and brightness of a bathroom.

Elegant interior in modern design for bathroom

A glass partition on your shower space just perfects when it combines with good lighting. As you can see, natural lighting from the window giving a refreshing feeling. The soft grey tiles on the floor creating a calm impression and also the selection of shower shape which little bit has vintage touch, make this bathroom looks modern and elegant.

Futuristic modern interior

This one can be your bathroom alternative design. The installation of small tiles on the wall attracts attention. Straight lines from the bathtub and sanitary rack bring out the modern and simple character.

Minimalist design with modern style

This is another modern style that brings simplicity. How you can make one thing in interior design becomes a focal point, functional, and interesting. And the marble stones are really something. They look strong and bold on the floor. The pattern creating a natural, charming, and calm atmosphere into your bathroom. What else do you need, then?

Millenium is also fit for modern bathroom

Both large mirrors and lamps lighting are very interesting in this design. The black wooden floor looks different and unusual. If you want to show a masculine and modern character, this design might suit you.

Modern interior for master bathroom with panorama

I’m pretty sure this kind of modern bathroom design will make you feel relax and comfortable. The lighting is so natural, right from the super large window. The wooden material on the floor, wall, and furniture, with the combination of natural and dark color, brings up the natural impression. And it’s just more perfect with a view outside. With this kind of bathroom, can you feel the ideas like dancing around your head?

I really hope you can find a modern bathroom design that suits your taste and you get a lot of inspirations from this article. Feel free to share this article. Thank you!

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