15 Unique Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Achieve a Fresh Look

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The kitchen is one of the important areas in a house. Without this room, the house will certainly be incomplete. Because the important room is indeed used as a place to mix food for the residents of the house. One of the kitchen ideas that you can apply is an outdoor kitchen.

Usually, outdoor kitchens are used for parties, such as BBQs, birthdays, and so on. In addition, an outdoor kitchen can be used for those of you who have a minimalist home. So what are the most recommended outdoor kitchen ideas? Here are some recommended outdoor kitchen ideas for you.

Covered outdoor kitchen with farmhouse and a little touch modern style

One of the best choices for you is to make a farmhouse kitchen combined with a little touch modern style. This combination will make your kitchen not only look natural but also fancy. Brown looks dominant so that it matches the vertical wooden roof. A white backsplash is a touch of contrast that is both attractive and functional.

The incredible outdoor kitchen with tropical island interior

The next outdoor kitchen ideas are practically semi-outdoor. The advantage of choosing an outdoor kitchen design like this is that you can cook and enjoy food without fear of overheating, and even when it rains you can continue eating.  But there is a natural atmosphere because you get a breeze. This one outdoor kitchen is dominated by white wood material so that it looks minimalist in the style of a beach style house.

Panorama in the backyard makes simple outdoor kitchen look fancy

Having an outdoor kitchen in the backyard also can be one of the best decision you make. If you notice at the picture above, the shape of the kitchen looks simple because it doesn’t need a roof. There are only cooking places, tables and chairs.

While eating you can also feel the cool atmosphere. However, there is a disadvantage of outdoor kitchens like this. When it is cloudy, you have to get ready to pack it up because you’d get rained.

Modern style outdoor kitchen without roof

Same with the explanation in the previous picture. This kitchen design also does not use a roof. The difference is the arrangement of the kitchen that is not close to the dining table. Even so, this outdoor kitchen has weaknesses. When it rains, you can’t cook and eat here.

Ultra modern outdoor kitchen with rustic style, so beautiful!

You can apply a rustic style to your outdoor kitchen. Combining these two styles will make your kitchen really beautiful. You can also place some rustic accessories in order to make your kitchen more comfortable and make anyone interested in visiting your lovely kitchen.

Two combination of brick and modern style outdoor kitchen

Bricks are the easiest material to use for outdoor kitchens. The shape is simple and easy to combine with furniture or decoration from different materials. Most appropriate for the linear design. The use of decorative elements with intricate details should be avoided in this kitchen. The combination with a modern style makes your kitchen look gorgeous.

Outdoor kitchen with umbrella as roof

An outdoor kitchen does not have to use a wooden roof. You can apply the umbrella as a kitchen roof. Not only for the kitchen but also for your place to eat. For the size of the umbrella you need, adjust the size of your kitchen and dining table.

Outdoor built for kitchen with brick and wooden of rustic style

The combination of wood and brick has always been the best choice for making a kitchen with a rustic style. You build walls from bricks without needing to be painted. Wooden dining tables, chairs and vase will make the rustic style in your kitchen look more perfect.

Natural stone kitchen table for small spaces with tropical style

Tropical style is design with a kitchen table made of natural stone. Usually, this style is used for kitchens that have narrow spaces. Even so, you can also apply this tropical style for your kitchen. Stone kitchen tables and wooden chairs can be the right combination to make your kitchen look natural and luxury.

Best design outdoor kitchen without roof

Outdoor kitchen without a roof is also recommended for you. This outdoor kitchen usually uses the most common basic designs. Two kitchen tables flanking a toaster and surrounded by white walls.

Simple interior backyard with modern style outdoor kitchen

Have a look at the picture above! A simple backyard interior kitchen combined with a modern style. Meaning that this kitchen has modern kitchen tools in simple kitchen design.

Relaxing outdoor kitchen with pergola

Kitchen with a pergola can also be your favourite outdoor kitchen ideas. You can combine between dining tables and kitchen in one roof. You can put some wooden chair to make your kitchen look awesome. This outdoor kitchen usually is applied for BBQ, birthdays, anniversary, and so on.

Modern outdoor kitchen at terrace

Can you imagine building a kitchen on the terrace? The terrace is usually used as a place to relax or as a living room. However, the terrace can also be used as your outdoor kit. For the design, it can combine rustic and modern style. Wooden floors with a brown roof will more give an amazing look in your kitchen.

Luxurious outdoor kitchen with modern style

The modern style for the kitchen certainly makes the kitchen look luxurious. You can apply a monochrome theme to further emphasize the modern style that you apply. Instead of using a dining table, you can build a gazebo so it will bring a very good look in your kitchen.

Wooden and modern style makes outdoor kitchen look luxury!

The last outdoor kitchen ideas that we explain to you is an outdoor kitchen with wooden and modern style. The outdoor kitchen design does not all use wood. You can put modern items together to make your kitchen look luxury. Make sure that the distance between the kitchen and dining table is not too far. In addition, you can use a strong wooden floor with grey colour to show the modern style concept you want.

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