15 Sweet Closet Storage Ideas (That’ll Amaze You)

Have you ever experienced a time when you were in a hurry in the morning and wanted to wear an outfit that you had planned before but you couldn’t find because of the messy closet? Or are you having trouble entering a collection of clothes because of the closet that feels full and tight? Then maybe you need closet storage ideas and tips that are right for your clothing collection and also save money.

Especially if the concept of closet storage can give a more attractive feel to your room so that it doesn’t just look solid and messy. The right closet storage arrangement can make your morning routine on a busy day easier and more enjoyable. Check out some of the sweet closet storage ideas below which will surely impress you!

Cozy and Chic Closet Storage That Can Make All the Girls Love It!

For you ladies who are active, appearance is definitely a top priority, and having a spacious closet is a must. No need to stuff clothes in a narrow closet, you can use this spacious and chic closet for all your clothes and accessories. Take advantage of every spaces and shelf in the closet for shoes, bags, accessories, and clothes that are neatly organized. Separate the items according to your needs, for example, space to hang party clothes, formal, or for casual ones. Give space for folds of pants and jeans, and shelves for shoes and accessories.

You can also coordinate it according to the color group so that it will give you a shorter time in choosing outfits every day. The closet that covers your room as if giving your own clothes fitting space in your bedroom with girly and cozy shades when you enter it. The combination of the colors of the closet and bright room displays a chic and elegant impression for your room.

The Pinkish Closet is Suitable for Girls Room

If you like the concept of a closet that is girly and sweet, then this closet storage idea is perfect for you. The combination of pink rose and white in every corner of the room and closet gives a warm and elegant impression to your closet arrangement. The concept of an open closet that, although it looks quite dense, can accommodate all your needs.

Start with space for clothes hangers, lined racks for variations of your shoes, several small shelves that fit folds of casual clothing and pants, and multipurpose storage with several portable drawers to store your various items. Not forgetting the row of boxes above which have the same size and model giving the impression of neat and fancy for your closet. It is very suitable for storing various items and accessories making it easier for you to look for them.

Unisex Closet with Simple and Minimalist Design

For those of you who are always in a hurry and often having trouble choosing your outfit style every day, then you should try this open closet design. Quite simple and minimalist, allowing you to quickly reach the clothes you are looking for without the need to take time. Simply placing a long stick on the corner of the wall can be a versatile place for you to hang clothes.

Coupled with a minimalist wooden shelf under your hanging clothes as a place to store your accessories, jewelry or shoes. This very simple and unique design is suitable for the style of rooms for both women and men and gives the impression that you are in a famous boutique and are trying on some clothes before finally buying them.

A Small Closet in the Bedroom Will Make the Room Look Classy!

Take advantage of a little space in your bedroom for a minimalist proportional closet. Open shelves with several special hangers that are tailored to the size and length of your clothes, allowing you to organize and store clothes more easily. For example for casual and short clothes hung above, and long clothes or dresses hung below it. Also, put multilevel shelves below it to place a collection of some of your luxurious shoes.

By utilizing this empty space not only gives more space for your bedroom, but it also gives the impression of modern and classy closet storage. Do not forget to add sliding glass and or curtains as a closing door so that the clothes are not contaminated with room temperature and smell. You can choose bright and bold contrast colors such as green, red, or blue combined with black to give a feel of life and freshness in your room.

Simple but Still Good for Closet Storage Idea

If you have enough space in your room, maybe you can try this style of closet storage idea. With this glass framed closet storage model, it will definitely give a beautiful and elegant impression to your room. High hangers that are right for all your long dresses, two drawer boxes for accessories, and a row of shelves for your shoes and bags behind it add a simple but luxurious impression in the room.

Large Closet Room is Comfortable for a Woman

No need for luxury wood shelves to display the quality of your closet’s beauty, because if you think about the most important thing about closet storage is its breadth. You just need to arrange it so that your large closet space still looks gorgeous. Large closet rooms are the most suitable for career women like you who always have a busy life and must maintain a collection of clothing styles every day.

Closet storage with a single-rod system provides more space for your coat hanger, plus a versatile iron basket that can make it easy for you to find the items you need easily. This concept is very comfortable for women with cozy and soothing nuances in the room.

Blue is a Good Choice for a Man Closet Storage Idea

If you only have closet storage with simple wooden furniture, then to increase its aesthetic value, color is the answer. Having ordinary wooden closet storage with several shelves and hangers to store clothes and your items will certainly look monotonous with your luxurious bedroom.

Choose bright colors that combine well with dark wooden so that your closet looks brighter. The combination of blue and or green may be the right choice. Choose colors not too contrasting or dark, and blend well with the room. This dark blue color is perfect for closet storage ideas for men who want a simple closet but still look stunning.

Minimalist Closet Storage is Suitable for a Man

Not too many accessories and collection of shoes as in women, the minimalist style closet storage idea is perfect for men. With simple decorations with a hang track embedded in the corner wall of the room, it is designed to hang your jacket and long coat, plus a double hanger for shirts and tuxedos, and a small closet in the middle for extra space for your items. It does not take up space and is certainly cost-effective but looks masculine and luxurious.

But They Also Need Large Space for Closet Storage!

When talking about the interior, of course, there are so many unique and modern styles that you can try to apply to your room, not least with your closet storage. This strong rustic style attached to the closet storage idea will give a warm and sweet feel to your room, especially if it is combined with this dark wood floor and carpet. Certainly, a small space will not be enough to fulfill your artistic desires and your clothing storages needs. Design a special space that is wide enough for your closet storage needs and give it a strong classic feel inside.

Wooden closet with several different sized hangers that are right for separating the types of your clothes collection. Some small shelves to store folds of clothes and shoes, and drawers for your accessories. You can also use the empty space above the closet as additional space to place other items such as bags, hats, or just boxes.

Wooden Cabinets with Modern Style are Fit for Closet Storage Idea

If your favorite interior decoration is a contemporary style combined with dark wooden furniture, then this closet storage idea is perfect for you. Closet made from full wood looks very elegant with a blend of masculine black color, very suitable for closet storage ideas for men.

Have a few shelves wide enough to accommodate your coat hanger and tuxedo, as well as several small shelf boxes for storing accessories and shoes. Do not forget to complete this bold and modern style with several matching black cardboard boxes as a container for accessories for belts, scarves and other items.

Very Small Closet for a Tiny Bedroom!

Well, for those of you who like the rural and classic style for your bedroom design, maybe this very small closet is perfect for your taste. Not only saving space, but its simple and unobtrusive style also gives its own meaning to the look of your room. You can use the furniture without a lid with an open rack system to put several folds of sweaters, blankets and even shelves for your favorite shoes.

Clothes and jackets that are generally long in size can you hang on a clothes hanger that has been installed on the wall. As for the folds of clothes and or casual clothes you can put in a small wooden closet that fits in your room. To save space, you can arrange unused items into boxes that you can put on a chair that is installed right on top of your hanging clothes.

If you want to hide your closet, just install a curtain or room divider so that it gives a neater impression to your tiny bedroom. Although it is quite simple, it is very efficient and unique for your small bedroom, and the most important one is that it is very economical.

Large Cabinets are Perfect for Closet Storage Idea!

Like to collect shoes? No need to worry about running out of space because this large cabinet is the right choice for your closet storage idea. Having a perfect wide shelf is very easy to hold all your items and clothes. With quite a lot of hangers, it is very possible for you to coordinate the types of your clothes according to your taste, for example, based on usability, size, or color.

In the middle of the closet, you will be presented with more shelves for your shoe collection to be neatly arranged and lovely. You can use several small shelves to put accessories and or boxes with name tags that make it easier for you to find the item you are looking for. Solid yet luxurious for your spacious room.

A Portable Container is Practically for Closet Storage

For small bedrooms, you can try this closet storage model. Not limited to just an iron hanger, you can add your own shelves and multipurpose containers for your extra storage. Like these cardboard and plastic box shelves, it can be very useful as an additional storage place for folds of your clothes, pants, and accessories.

Small bags that are made lined up on cloth hangers can also be used as storage for your casual shoes. Simply hanging with another clothes hanger gives the impression of a simple and beautiful closet for your room. Use bright and bold colors so that your versatile closet storage looks more attractive.

Minimalist Closet for a Tiny Room!

When you only have tiny bedrooms, a well-organized minimalist closet is a right answer for you. Don’t take up a lot of space and certainly be efficient for storing your collection of clothes and accessories. With limited space, creating is the key. No need to cram all your clothes on the hanger, just save the ones you don’t need. For example, during winter, hang your long sleeve clothes and store your summer clothes, and vice versa. You can store it in a box or suitcase under the bed.

The cabinet is small and long as a place to store your shoes and accessories, and if there is still space on the top and or bottom of the hanger you can use it to put boxes that store your other items. Give a little variation of bright colors to blend well with the color of your room’s walls to give a more comfortable and warm feel in the room.

Simple and Adorable Storage for Kids Closet

When your child has started playing actively, there’s nothing wrong with installing minimalist closet storage specifically for her, so that your clothes with your child are not mixed and or difficult to find. This simple closet rack is made from a series of iron buffer cabinets with a single-rod system as a versatile shelf to put folds of towels, blankets, pants, or shoes.

Two mini track hang clothes are installed for your child’s little clothes collection. You can put a cute basket under the shelf as a backup storage area. Very simple and does not contain many places, and gives an adorable and warm impression to your child’s room.

Having a small, medium, or large closet is not a problem, the most important is the right arrangement to blend with the style of your room. Even for the tiny space closet, you can find various ways to use it to meet every space of your storage needs. You can arrange it into a simple and neatly arranged concept, or arrange it with luxurious furniture to give the impression of luxury and fancy. But keep in mind that in arranging closet storage you not only think of design but make use of every inch of space in your closet to be able to load lots of things but don’t look messy.

15 Useful Bike Storage Ideas (to Keep Your Favorite Bike Save)

When your busy daily activities must always be accompanied by cycling all day, then, of course, the bike has become a staple for you and must always be maintained and stored properly. At present, there are many cases of bicycle theft, because bicycles are also an unmitigated type of vehicle without a machine that is quite expensive.

But what if you live in a small house that has limited space, in a narrow city apartment, or has a crowded garage? Then you just need to be creative to get the solution. Well, for those of you who need alternative ideas to keep your favorite bike safe, try to see some of the most useful bike storage ideas below.

Wooden Storage for Parking Your Bike in the Garage

When you don’t have a garage to store your bicycle, all you have to do is make an alternative parking lot on the side of your backyard. Not just any parking by putting it just like that, it would be safer if you make a special parking place that not only supports your bike but also locks it to keep it parked safely. No need for a complicated parking lot, you only need a few wooden blocks or unused shelves to recycle.

Just need to saw a little to adjust the shape of your bicycle wheel, then it has become the right place to rest your bike. Like the picture above. You can paint it with red brick or bright colors to your taste. But it would be better if you use dark colors so that it is not too flashy. You can also use this wooden storage bike in the garage so that your bike can be parked neatly and save space.

A Wooden Block of a Tree Also Can be an Amazing Bike Storage Idea

Well, for this bike storage idea, it’s just right for you to put it in your yard. Simple but still elegant, this wooden parking lot is worth trying. You only need a wooden block from a large tree, which then saws off some of its stems, so that it measures the size of your bicycle wheel. Give a black or brown paint color to give a more vintage feel to your bicycle parking lot. Very creative and efficient to organize your favorite bike when not in use.

Modern Bike Storage Idea in Living Room!

When you decide to keep your bicycle in the house for reasons of not having a garage and not being too safe outside, don’t just park it. Although not a large vehicle such as a motorbike or car, bicycles also sometimes have a size that is quite troublesome for a narrow room.

Therefore, maybe you can try this creative idea at home. Custom-made furniture that follows the tire grooves and the length of your bicycle might be possible to make at home. Made from a fairly large wooden block shelf, then cut a few parts according to the size of the bicycle length and the size of each of your bicycle tires. Because sometimes for some bicycles such as mountain bikes, the size of the front and rear tires is quite different.

Connect the wooden beam parts, then the multipurpose parking lot for your favorite bike is finished. Not only saving space, but this shelf can also be a decoration in the living room by giving a touch of modern and sweet nuance using white paint or other brightly colored paint that follows the feel of your room.

Wooden Furniture Especially for Bike Storage

Still using the idea of bicycle storage with wooden furniture, this rack is quite unique and gives a classy impression to your room. Not only using wood material, with iron support under will make the shelf stand firmly. With its classic and unique style of furniture, as well as the distinctive color of thick wood on its surface, it increasingly gives visual beauty to your interior.

Marvelous Bike Storage on the Wall Can Save Space and Make Your Garage Look Pretty

If there is no more space on the floor, you can use the wall, such as this marvelous bike storage idea. The large bicycle rack that covers the walls of this room brings a contemporary and elegant feel to your room or garage. There are curves and special space that is right for the size of your bike and hold it so it doesn’t fall easily. Not only showing off unique design, but the way you display your bicycle can also look like an artistic bicycle exhibition gallery in your home. Can be placed in a special room or in a garage to save space.

Unique Furniture for Bike Storage on the Wall

If your house does not have enough space or a garage, and it is too expensive to buy a special bicycle rack, then another alternative to try is to hang it. A small bicycle rack mounted on the wall of this room does not need large space surrounding the wall, but it works well and is strong to hang your favorite bicycle. This wall shelf with hook system will hang your bicycle like artwork on the wall of the room vertically.

Because this shelf has wood material, so it is more suitable to add bright shades that are in harmony with the furniture of your room. Compared to other shelves that need to adjust the size of your bike, this rack is very efficient and can load a variety of bicycle frames.

Bike Shelves with Two-level for Small Garage

Well, for those of you who want the right storage for a small garage, indeed this hanging storage style is the most convenient solution. Not only one bike, but you can also hang two bikes at once vertically so that it doesn’t take up much space.

This two-level iron wall shelf uses a very strong hook with the metal legs support to the floor, so the shelf won’t easily shake. You can also move this furniture easily to another place if needed, so it is very efficient. It is very suitable for you who might still be a tenant, so there is no need to drill your wall.

Hanging Your Bike Above the Garage is a Brilliant Idea!

If the floor or wall of your room is limited and cannot be used, storage of bicycles using the roof can also be done. Install a special iron hook on the ceiling of your home so you can hang your bicycle upside down. Hang the two tires of your bicycle with the iron hook that has been mounted on the ceiling. No need to worry, because bicycle tires are quite strong even though they are hung upside down, it can even support the entire bicycle body. You can access it easily and certainly save space.

Save a Place by Placing a Bicycle Under the Stairs

If you live in a flat house that has stairs, then you already have the right storage for your bicycle. Save space by putting your bicycle under the stairs, especially if you don’t have a large garage. Put a few hooks under the stairs so you can hang your bicycle upside down and keep it away from the floor so you don’t dirty it. The idea of storing indoor bikes is very efficient and saves space without the need for expensive expenses.

Saving a Bike by Hanging It on the Wall is a Popular Way to Do It

Bicycle storage with a vertical system is the best solution for very small houses or flat-shares. No need to be busy hiding it, hanging it on the wall is probably the best choice and saves space. Put a metal rod in your room about as high as a cabinet, and hang your bicycle vertically with a small metal hook to one of your bicycle tires. This idea is very useful to prevent the use of valuable floor space and is also very easy to take every time you use it again.

Put Your Bike Collection in Large Cabinets

If you have a collection of expensive bikes that you rarely use anymore, instead of storing them in a garage that is not always safe, it would be better if you display them as interior decoration. This cute bicycle cabinet is specifically designed to display your bicycle in a room with several other extra storage racks for you to fill in various ornaments, books, photo frames, or shoes. Made of strong wood material, it is very suitable for you to put in the living room or corner of the room as an addition to the artistic value of the interior.

A Small Garage is Extraordinary for Saving Your Bikes

Who would have thought if outdoor storage space might be safer from theft, than if hidden inside the house? People might not think if the wooden block installed in front of your house is a place to store your precious bicycle, but as a trash can. Not only protects from thieves, but this storage also protects your bike from erratic weather.

You Can Also Make Bikes Garage from Metal Design

Well, if you have an excessive budget, it will be easier if you use an iron storage locker to store and protect your precious bicycle. With a metal design and a sophisticated locking system, your bicycle will be guaranteed to be very safe even if you place it outside the home.

Or a Modern Style for Bikes Garage Idea!

If you don’t have a garage but have a fairly large backyard, you can use it to install this unique alternative garage to store your bike. No need to bother putting it in the house, with outdoor storage you will be faster to access it again. With a modern design, this metal garage is so beautiful that it will not damage the beauty of the exterior of your garden.

Futuristic Fashioned of Bikes Storage Idea with a Capsule Design!

If you do not have a hook system to hang your bicycle in the room, either on the wall or on the ceiling, but are worried that you will pollute the floor if you just put it away, maybe you need to try this unique storage with futuristic capsule design. Designed with a sophisticated model that is easy to open and close, this bicycle storage can keep your floor from dirty tires after you use it. Very likely to be used as alternative storage for both inside and outside the room. It might be quite expensive, but it’s comparable, right?

If your garage space is no longer able to accommodate any items, the bike storage ideas above are the answers you need. Various kinds of alternative solutions that you can sort according to the condition of your home by utilizing every remaining empty space to store your precious bicycle well. Not only saves space and costs, but these ideas also make your bike easily accessible every time you want to use it. So don’t hesitate to try one of them at home.