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Some people make recreation as a media to ease the burden of fatigue due to work activities. The others choose to pamper themselves with various therapy methods such as spa massage or yoga. And there’s a small number of people who satisfy themselves by staying in their lovely home. It could be because home is a medicine to the soul.

That’s why most people want to build a comfortable home.

Creating a comfortable home is depends on the owner. Everyone has different tastes and needs when building their house. There are people who like the minimalist modern concept, there are those who choose an industrial style, or classic vintage designs, etc. However, nowadays the “back to nature” concept has become a trend in every aspect of life. It starts with food, fashion, to house design.

One of the back to nature concept is rustic. This concept defined as a rough concept where the core principle offering a concept that showing the material form just the way it looks. For example, if the material made from wood, rustic style will using logs, wood roots, abstract lumber, or show off the beauty of the wood texture. So also for the use of other materials such as stone and metal. Rustic style houses will use a lot of home decor and furniture that are artistic, abstract, raw, and rough.

Sounds interesting for you? Let’s see the 15 rustic designs of the bathroom that will give you a different natural atmosphere. Go back to nature!

 Unfinished wooden board walls bathroom

Installing unfinished wooden boards to all over the bathroom wall clearly will make the rustic impression. It because of the natural atmosphere that comes up becomes so strong. At a glance, this bathroom seems dark. But, with a touch of white in the bathtub and the shower wall, it creates a vibrant color composition.

Go rustic with brick walls

This is what a simple rustic bathroom design looks like. By using the brick walls, the rustic impression is indisputable. It’s also added with the wooden sink and mirror that strengthen a natural atmosphere.

Natural stone of rustic interior

You can also design the rustic style in the bathroom by installing natural stones on the wall. The abstract shape from natural stone not only provides a natural atmosphere but also turns on the rustic impression.

Elegant and luxury bathroom look with natural stone

Want to create an elegant and luxurious look to your bathroom? You can try this one. With the natural stone all over the bathroom wall, it creates the mountain cliffs atmosphere. There is a strong impression of nature that also gives an elegant and luxurious effect on this rustic design.

The neat rustic wooden interior

Make it all wood: the wall, the sink, the floor, and the bathtub. Neatly arranged wooden boards give a really solid look to this bathroom. And one thing that becomes a focal point is the wooden logs that become a pillar. The rough shape show off the rustic concept.

Rustic modern bathroom

If you want a modern style but like the rustic concept why not just combine both of them? You will get a warm and bright atmosphere in your bathroom. Take a deep look at the wooden bathtub, it’s really charming!

Combining wood and stone for rustic bathroom design

The wood and the stone are perfect for each other. They’re a natural inspiration that applied to the design interior. You can combine them to get a rustic impression. Like this one, that impression is strengthened with the copper bathtub that looks so bold and impressive.

Brick stones for a rustic effect

When you think that brick walls will look too ordinary for your rustic bathroom, you can choose this brick stone design. The natural stone that is made like bricks then arranged neatly in every spot of the bathroom that you wanted. Like the bathtub area and near the sink. I think that brick stones are completely created an impressive rustic look.

Show off the classic copper bathtub

The steel element is also part of the rustic design characteristics. Take a deep look at this design. Our attention must be a focus on the classic copper bathtub. But, the door and the frame with paint that has been peeling off really shows a rustic impression.

Wooden board walls for rustic bathroom

The wooden board with dark colors gives an attractive look to the bathroom. The shape of the wooden board creates a strong rustic look Behind the simple home decor, this kind of bathroom offering simplicity in rustic design.

Modern interior with a rustic touch

The rustic design of this bathroom looks so light when combined with the modern style. The dominance of brown in the rocks and wood clearly gives a natural impression. If you are thinking another alternative to combine modern design with the rustic concept, you can consider this one.

Striking brown color with rustic bathroom design

The brown color is identic with rustic style because it brings a natural atmosphere. In this design, the brown isn’t only dominating, but also striking. Especially with the use of a copper bathtub and sink, the rustic concept becomes very strong.

The bright farmhouse interior with rustic style

If you think that giving just one color to your bathroom will make it looks mono, you can combine at least two colors of dark and bright. As you can see this bathroom has bright colors on its wooden board walls and few dark colors on the mirror frame and vanity. Don’t you think these colors give a warm and natural atmosphere?

A rustic interior for the bathroom

Chairs and tables near the window with rough wood design, clothes hanger that looks like wooden branches, and wooden bathtub give a strong rustic element to this bathroom. This rustic bathroom interior creates a comfortable atmosphere with a natural look.

A rustic country style bathroom

Not only a natural impression, but the rustic concept can also give a fresh look to your bathroom. Like this one, the wall color is painted in a soft blue pastel that creates a fresh look. With a combination of brick walls on the sink and shower walls, plus a simple wooden bathtub, you can consider this bathroom design to get a fresh, simple, and natural rustic bathroom.

Bring your home back to nature with this rustic interior design. And of course, you can share what you find in this article with people around you. Thank you!


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