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Limited space is challenging. Organizing it can be so frustrating if you just think there’s nothing you can do because space is narrow. But, when we feel challenged, we tend to be creative. And when creativity has worked, everything becomes unlimited then designing limited space is no longer a problem.

So, you have a small house. Then you see your bathroom with a smaller space. And you just wondering, how can you maximize the space? Is that possible to have a bathtub there?

There are many ways to bring creativity. There are many ways to create a comfortable and simple bathroom, that suitable with the limited space and of course, your taste. First thing is, open your creativity with many bathroom design options. One of the simplest interior design that can bring magic to your small bathroom is modern minimalist style.

This modern minimalist style isn’t always about simplicity and saving space. But it’s about how to create a functional bathroom, but still has a stylish side. Of course, it’s always possible to have a luxury look to your small bathroom if you just can choose the right furniture such as bathroom storage, sink, mirror, paint color, or even bathtub.

Be ready to be inspired by these 15 modern minimalist ideas to create your small bathroom becomes one of the favorite space in your home!

A simple sink table with drawer

You don’t need a lot of furniture in your small bathroom. A simple minimalist sink table can be your choice. With its drawer, you can still store your toiletries and other needs neatly and clean.

Shower room with glass door style

Restricting the shower room with glass doors is a good idea for limited space because the glass gives a broad impression on your small bathroom. If you don’t want a sink table, you just can make only the sink and choose the attached rack style of bathroom storages for storing your toiletries.

White to make it bright

Choosing the white color for your toilet, storage, sink, and shower room gives a clean and bright impression in the bathroom. Besides white, you can combine it with soft pink on the wall to give a wide effect on the room. For saving space, you can place the shower room in the corner.

Luxurious look with marble stone sink table

There’s a trick if you want to make a luxurious look to your small bathroom. Install at least one a luxury thing. The marble stone, for example. By installing it on the sink table, trust me it will bring a luxurious look, even though you have a small bathroom.

A classy small bathroom

One of the ways to create a classy bathroom is to choose the right bathroom decor. You can choose porcelain or ceramic bathtub that will give a classy impression, no matter you only have a tiny bathroom space.

Moss green paint and white tiles for wider bathroom space

In order to make your bathroom doesn’t look mono, try applying two colors to your bathroom. This combination of moss green and white looks harmonious to make a wider bathroom effect. In fact, your bathroom will look fresh!

Elegant small bathroom with black and white color

Modern minimalist touch is so felt in this bathroom design. There was a clear line on the toilet and sink design. For saving space, you can choose shelves that attached to the wall as a storage area for your toiletries. Even though you have small bathroom space, there’s no need to afraid of applying dark colors. Just combine it with bright colors, like white, to get an elegant look.

Moss on the wall for a natural look

Want to give a different natural look to your small bathroom? Cover your wall with moss! Because it looks like a soft rug, no one would expect that you plant real moss on the bathroom wall.

A unique bathtub for your small bathroom

Small touches on the design can give a meaningful impression on your bathroom look. To create comfort and relaxed atmosphere, choose a bathtub with a unique and modern design. But remember to adjust the bathtub size your bathroom, to avoid a crowded look.

Plants for your small bathroom

Adding plants as decorations won’t make your bathroom narrow. Because plants always give a fresh look to a room. You can place one or two spots for plants. Or, you can choose small plants such as cactus and succulent that won’t take up a lot of bathroom space even though in little bit large quantities.

The wooden theme for a modern and warm small bathroom look

The use of wood elements in a room can create a warm and simple impression. Choose furniture that has a saving space design. Like this one, the modern storage shelves are made up to several levels in order to store lots of toiletries. If it’s still possible, you can add small vanity with drawers for an extra storage area.

Patterned tiles to give a more lively small bathroom space

Using glass as a barrier to the shower area and a small sink table are examples for setting the design of a small bathroom in order to save space. To avoid a boring appearance, you can install patterned tiles on part of the sink area walls, so that the bathroom looks bright and has a more lively atmosphere.

White color to make your small bathroom look clean and wider

Installing white tiles all over the bathroom wall area will make your small bathroom looks clean, neat, and wider. To give a firm and bright impression, install dark colored tiles to the floor. And also, you can add wooden storage shelves attached to the wall that looks simple and natural.

Small size bathtub, why not?

Simple decor elements, including the bathtub selection, can make your small bathroom that looks standard or ordinary, will get modern and elegant impressions. The small bathtub is a focal point in this white modern minimalist bathroom design because the setting and composition are so right with the width of the room. And the white color clearly gives broad and clean impressions.

Super soft green and white for a calm small bathroom

The bathroom is one of the best spaces in your home to make you relax. So, to give a calm sensation, the combination of soft colors like super soft green and white is a great choice for you.  To avoid a pale impression to your bathroom, use a wooden board to the floor.


Whatever type of design you choose, minimalist modern design is one of the solutions for organizing limited space. I hope you inspired. Thank you!

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