15 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas (That Fits Your Limited Space)

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The bathroom is the most essential and compulsory space for every home, not only as a place to clean yourself but also space to relax your mind and body after a tiring day of activity. Bathing in warm water or with fragrances in a spacious bathroom after a day of activity is indeed the best. Not only that but having a spacious bathroom also means you have enough space for structuring various equipment and your needs while in the bathroom.

However, even with a small bathroom, you can also be satisfied to enjoy your personal time and get enough space for all your toiletries. No more messy washbasins, scattered soap, and toiletries, or towels falling on the floor, because you can set the concept of a small bathroom storage that is functional and inspires your needs with the following genius ideas and elegant design styles.

Minimalist and Classy Decoration of Wooden Hanging Storage for Small Bathroom Idea

Don’t ignore the empty walls in your bathroom, because it can be the right place to put your toiletries and beauty equipment. Instead of using furniture, hanging it on an empty wall will give you more room for your small bathroom type.

Minimalist but still classy, this wooden hanging storage idea can be applied to keep toiletries neatly organized, easy to reach, and save space. Very efficient with a hollow wooden board that will make it easier for you to choose the location of the hangers.

Wire Shelves are Suitable for Small Bathroom

Take advantage of the space in the corner of the bathroom to put a versatile minimalist shelf for your toiletries. Neatly folded towels, tissue rolls or toilet brushes can be arranged elegantly with mini wire shelves that are right for your small bathroom.

Compared to the model of wooden shelves, wire shelves are more efficient and do not take place, are more suitable for putting wet bath items, and designs that are suitable for all types of bathroom styles.

Small Bathroom with Victorian Style and Antique Cabinets for Storage

For those of you who like a unique and classic room style, maybe you can try the Victorian style idea for your small bathroom. The plain bathroom with your monotonous color can be more colorful with the addition of classy and versatile antique bold cabinets on the wall above the room.

Small towel hangers and some unique displays and plant pots can give a natural impression to your bathroom. And don’t forget the lovely patterned curtain.

Reuse Unused Wooden Baskets into Bathroom Storage

Taking a wooden style design is no longer a strange concept for the bathroom. Functional with natural colors add to the cool and elegant feel. No need to use high-quality and expensive wood, just use reuse unused wooden furniture in your home as a versatile shelf to put baskets for storing towels, place several rolls of tissue, aromatherapy candles, futuristic containers, and several plant pots to add fresh and vibrant nuances in your small bathroom.

Very Tiny Storage Idea for Small Bathroom

There is no need for a large space and/or a large shelf so that your bathroom is always organized. Because only with your 2×3 bathroom, you can freely arrange all the toiletries with this very tiny storage and proportional minimalist shelf.

Made from small and brightly colored wood which is also suitable for placing small toiletries. Can be placed on the wall or in the corner of the room combined with dark marble walls for an atmosphere that feels cooler and luxurious.

Small Wooden Rack for Scandinavian Bathroom

Wooden furniture has always been the idea of a beautiful and proportional room, including the bathroom. With a small bathroom, the small wooden rack arrangement is highly recommended for Scandinavian bathroom style which you will definitely like.

Multi-stacked shelves to place bath items, small decorative staircases that are quite decorative for your versatile toilet tissue, and some small wooden containers will add a rural and natural atmosphere to your bathroom.

Minimalist Container for Saving Spaces a Small Bathroom

Minimalist containers with versatile functions are most suitable for your small bathroom idea. Utilizing every space and corner for structuring your toiletries, can give enough more space so that it doesn’t look too dense.

Especially with the idea of structuring a small stack of iron shelves that are placed right next to the bathtub allows you to reach toiletries more easily. So you don’t have to make the whole room wet every time you want to take it from another place.

You Can Put Bath Tools in Modern Style Drawers

The drawer is always a versatile storage area, even you can use it in the bathroom. Putting bath tools with a style drawer in a narrow bathroom not only saves space, but it also gives unique and modern design for your bathroom. Combined with dark green and bold colors, this idea will give a clean and decorative feel, but also elegant.

Adorable Mini Storage for a Bathroom!

This stacked wooden shelf with irons buffer can be an ideal choice for your small bathroom. Even though it is small and made of wood, this rack is quite sturdy, especially with a hook that is connected underneath. Versatile with its adorable mini design, it doesn’t take up a lot of space for your small bathroom.

The Wooden Box Can be Used for Bathroom Storage Idea

This thick wooden box for storage of toiletries and accessories can be used as a functional shelf with a cute design for your small bathroom. Unusual placement above the toilet wall can provide extra space for more flexible use of the bathroom.

Woven Baskets are Extraordinary for Bathroom Storage Inspiration

Solid wood shelves with open storage are needed to arrange your toiletries. In structuring, classifying is needed so that the equipment is easily stored, especially for many items but with small bathroom space.

This concept of beautiful dark-colored woven baskets will give an artistic and extraordinary feel to your bathroom shelf. Coupled with cute name tags that make it easy for you to find the item you need.

The Transparent Container Can Make Small Bathroom be Neat

Storage racks are indeed needed so that bath item is not scattered and remain neatly arranged when needed. Various patterned minimalist designs may be the right choice for a monotonous bathroom, but if you like a simple and neat-looking style, you can try the futuristic and transparent design.

A matching and rather dark-colored shelf, and neat arrangement of toiletries using a transparent container are perfect for you who focus on usability rather than appearance. Transparent containers not only make the bathroom look neat, but it also makes it easy for you to organize and search for the items you need.

Simple Storage of Woven Container Inside Cabinets

A tight and dense cabinet is the right place for a small bathroom. Not only to store various toiletries and folds of towels, but beautiful decorations are also needed so that your bathroom is more alive. For a simple and monotonous cabinet, what is needed is a stand-out bath item. The beautiful and cute woven container shaped bamboo basket is perfect for your simple bathroom cabinet.

Save Spaces Using Sliding Cabinets Inside the Mirror

Give more space with a secret shelf behind the makeup mirror frame for your bathroom. Using the concept of sliding cabinets with wooden minimalist shelves to store various toiletries and beauty accessories. Simple style but also unique and modern.

Amazing Bathroom Storage with DIY Cabinets from Old Fashioned of a Suitcase!

Do you like classic and traditional style concepts? Maybe you can use this idea for your home’s small bathroom storage. You can use a variety of unused objects to be modified again into multipurpose shelves, just like this old fashioned luggage. Looks classic and chic, adding a warm and rural feel to your bathroom wall.

There are always ways to make your small bathroom look more spacious and elegant. Want a style that is simple or modern, classic and unique, or does it only require a neat design and save money? You can find it here. Choose the small bathroom storage ideas that are most suitable for you to add relaxation and tranquility to your bathroom.

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