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Being thrifty means able to see things around you and think of many ways to recycle and reuse. Some of these DIY Coffee Table design does not even need any woodworking skills. Literally, everyone with a few skill can make their own table if they really want it. However, they still need to spend times to produce the desired result which is a great coffee table.

It involves knowledge as simple as sticking, gluing, attaching and nailing things together. Although it sounds easy, you still need to put consideration when making them or the result might not satisfy you. For example, adding too many aspects into one table can ruin the design. Meanwhile, if you were doing it as efficiently as you could, it could make the design feels flat.

Well, if you are lacking that creativity aspect, although that’s probably just in your mind. Here is some inspiring DIY coffee table design to get your hands on. We hope with this, it can trigger any unknown creative minds

Make use of Wooden Boxes to be Stacked into Coffee tables

Some serious appraisal goes to those who can turn used items into something useful and beautiful also. This medium size coffee table comes from four crates attach to one another. The middle flower pot filled in the empty gap nicely. Just add some four wooden legs, and you got yourself a coffee table.

A wooden toy box and a board could also be used as a coffee table

When you got two items which came in the same size, then, that might be the time to start thinking about organizing them. A rustic old wooden box with wheels come handy with a large tray board on top. The size fits nicely. There is even no need to repaint it, the rough edges and layers come across as rustic styling.

DIY Coffee Table with classic and elegant style

A large coffee table from wooden slab attach together and holds up with metal edges. It is simply classic and fit for any room. Sometimes less is best.

The cut of the tree will be beautiful when used as a coffee table

Taking cut out large wood from the actual tree is a really solid deal. It gives a natural look to your home, without even trying hard. Add these pin table legs and voila an instant transformation from a dying tree to adding a piece of nature to your home.

Another the cut of tree table that can make your living room look fresh and classy

Got an even larger chunk of wood but doesn’t know what to do with it? Well, there is no need to put so much thought into it.  Why not just make it into coffee table material. The slightly asymmetrical shape makes a modern twist of a common coffee table. For aesthetic reasons, even the largest tree trunk still pretty small for a coffee table. Get two or three of them to align together and makes an interesting addition to the room.

Barrel which is turned into a coffee table

Sturdy wooden material is a great item to turn into other furniture. Take, for example, this old used barrel that is just too good to throw it away. Here is a way to design a unique structure. Cut the barrel into half and add metal support and large wooden planks as the table surface. There is even a large hidden container inside to put your things.

DIY Coffee tables of wooden boards and iron pipes

Wood and old pipes go together if the size allows it, just slides a large thick wood through two panels of pipes structure. Its solid shape makes steady support. No, need to do any gluing or nailing for this design. Such an easy table to make.

DIY Coffee tables with premium wooden and wheels for in the backyard

Everyone knows high-quality wood is a keeper in which you just need to find the right use for it. Why not make a coffee table according to the shape. Whether it is a small or large one, you can never have too much table to decorate the house. Even that spot in the backyard can use a little upgrading, which will make it looks better.

Unique design of DIY Coffee table

Industrial home decor is all about pipes, metal, iron, wheels and unfinished look. In which, you can also do the same when making you DIY coffee table with industrial design. Consider using a metal leg or an old large wheel to suit the concept itself.

The Coffee Table with a slab marble fitted with wheels

A piece of marble slab from the marble flooring is such a waste of expensive material. Add wheels on the four sides and turn it into a coffee table with great elegance. Furthermore, you can move the table around, wherever place you choose to have a coffee break.

The wheelbox that makes the coffee table looks good on terrace

Wheels on the coffee table do not necessarily mean you will move them everywhere. It is a great element for a rustic outdoor look. Like this old box that comes with its set of wheels, no need to replace them with wooden legs. Just keep the original version, it is more natural that way.

Luxurious design for DIY Coffee Tables

Fascinating furniture combine material and think of the esthetics. Well, if there are some wood slab, think about how you can elevate it. Maybe you should consider adding iron edges into the table like the picture above. The finished wooden surface makes that perfect shine to address an elegant coffee table in the living room.

Wooden level table for the coffee table

If you got a small house then think of everything in level or layers. For example, this two-piece of wood attached with metal legs which doesn’t take too much space in your room. Meanwhile, you still got the tables to put on your coffee, books, and snacks.

Mini Coffee table for ou who want to relax on the sofa

Have you ever wanting to have a coffee table for all-purpose for any place, and any needs? This DIY coffee table might be the answer to that question. You might be thinking about some complicated table design when I said all-purpose but, the facts say it otherwise. Look at this coffee table, It has simple material and design but still looks great and suit the rooms perfectly. It also has all king of feature for your many purposes. From storing a few books you like to read, to holding a few cups of coffee. Furthermore, you can slide the table into the sofa and be closer with your coffee and snacks.

Modern design of DIY Coffee table

Look into the modern DIY design to decorate your home with modern furnishing. Take a look at this stackable four levels of coffee table which is a great piece of modern furniture. Not only that, using this table you can save space while also making the room looks nice and tidy. Additionally, a simple feature gives a nice touch of sophistication into your small room making it looks even better.



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