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Having A TV means you need a place to put them to use. That is to say, you need a TV stand for putting them in place. Of course, you can always buy a TV stand which is also good. But, do you ever think to make your own DIY TV stand?

Of course, it’s not as easy as it said to be, but the sense of achievement by making it yourself will increase the enjoyment. Furthermore, by making it yourself, you can expect the outcome will surely satisfy your preferences. Especially, if you were fussy about room decor and design.

Well, there is various kind of TV stand design which ranging from rustic classic to modern twist. When you decide to make it your own, you might be getting overwhelmed by various design. For that reason, here we provide you with some design to inspire you into making a DIY TV stand.

A premium wooden would look good for a TV Stand

A high-quality TV stand would be bigger than the size of the TV and have a compartment underneath. It usually consists of tow open cabinet and two closed ones. Thes classic TV stand design took upon sturdy and solid wooden material and transform it into a masterpiece in your living room.

Wooden and metal shelves also look nice for TV Stand

Wood is always been a reliable material for making any furniture, particularly if you do it yourself. However, for more variation, add metal pipes and scores to give more study touch to this industrial rustic piece of furniture to hold up your TV and all the necessary entertainment unit.

DIY TV Stand with a rustic style

For more area to roam around, it is better to place the TV in the corner. This spot one of the sides of the house gets a touch of simple rustic with its hard thick wood compartment that holds the TV and several small drawers under it. The knob particular looks appealing to its oversize and a nice continuity of square shape.

A wooden TV stand attached to the wall

Here is an idea that may come as a surprise. Is stead of having a TV that stands, you can have a TV that not only hanging but also have the entire TV set attached to the wall. You need to have the right measurement, material, and expert to make this one particular TV stand that really makes a room more appealing.

Gorgeous TV stand with a classical style

Bring everything back to basics. This simple TV stand represents a classic approach for furniture to blend well to the entire home interior. The detail in the closed cabinet gives a little texture for a plain design that complements a simple house. The additional bamboo basket makes a nice wooden natural touch that blends well with the other material.

Industrial design for DIY TV stand

Got wheel? Then it just might be the extra material to complete your DIY TV stand. No one would ever consider a moving table can be a gorgeous TV stand, that you can adjust its position just by moving the entire furniture around.

Wooden cabinet will be perfect for TV stand

No need to worry, You do not need a complicated TV stand to decorate your rooms. This long and large TV stand has a simple design by letting the below compartment open so you can easily spot the thing that you need.

DIY TV stand from wooden for farmhouse room decoration

There are much wooden texture and color to choose from. Darker wood would support the furniture really well while lighter wood actuality can make the room bigger and wider. So, when you are in search of material for making TV stand, really consider the item influence to the entire room.

TV stand with rustic and farmhouse style can make your room look beautiful

Using recycled material is the ideal way of saving the environment as well as giving it another life. Take this wooden material that used to be a farmhouse barn material. Its thick and sturdy material fit the need for a TV stand really well. would you consider building something like this?

Beautify your room with wooden TV stand of modern style

Structural furniture with geometrical style is a popular way of decorating. As especially if the overall theme was modern of minimalism. You would want a TV stand like this that is both simple and modern at the same time. There is even some space to put other decorative items to highlight the focal point of the house.

Modern TV stand from premium wood

Rely on high-quality material will bring you furniture that will last a lifetime. Moreover, it can be a part of the house that people can generate from their grandparents due to its durability. This modern-looking TV stand is a great fit for today’s home that values sturdy and gets a sophisticated design.

Vintage TV stand also look good for modern room decoration

Can’t seems to find a TV stand to your taste? How about going to the flea market and maybe you stumble upon vintage furniture that ended up a great deal for your pocket all the way to the living room area.

Brilliant idea for make use block with board for rustic TV stand

This earthy natural living room combines concreate and wood as a combining theme. So, you can have cut out wood made in very thick sizes to make sure it should up all the sophisticated device that you have. The concrete blocks make an interesting addition to the entire modern look to a more earthy ambiance.

A beautiful farmhouse design cabinet for TV stand

The unique farmhouse door can be an inspiration that you can also adapt to other pieces in the room. Like this TV stand that takes up the entrance look alike as the cabinet cover for the underneath part of this furniture when you put your TV on.

Simple and minimalist design of TV stand but still look futuristic and classy

The retro era is known for geometrical furniture and pin-shaped legs. So, do not be confused when you see this kind of furniture still appeals until this day. Its simplicity meets modern styling which enhances any room with its interesting aura.


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