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Everyone must have gotten some wine or two in their house right? Of course, these beverages treated for special occasions deserve their own special place. Also, everyone can treat their wine shelves as a part of the decoration in the guest room. The luxurious wine shelves can be expensive yet might not make you satisfied with their design. Then, why not make DIY Wine for your own home?

There is no doubt, that everyone has their own preference in their own way. For example, some people may like to put their shelve within the glass, or maybe put it in wooden shelves. Well, the shelves itself depend on what wine you want to store. There is some wine which looks good when stored in wooden shelves, and otherwise.

For the design itself, there are many choices you can take to decide which way to store your way. That’s why making your own DIY wine rack is the preferable option to satisfy your every desire. Of course, we are here to help you decide with some pictures including tips to inspire you. Please take a look.

W-shaped of hanging wine rack looks so elegant

You probably never seen this sophisticated yet space-saving wine rack quite like this. The W-shape holds the wine bottle nicely while the middle center is the perfect fit for a wine glass. The vertical rack makes the room larger and also send more modern furnishing.

Unused wooden shelves could be perfect for wine rack with vintage style

Originally created to hold wine in crates, but this transformation as a unique wine rack is one of a kind which differs from the original. Invent your own wine rack out of unused wooden material and add a twist for more a rustic look

Minimalist and simple design box for wine rack

Whether you are a beginner in your carpentry class or already have made several furniture by yourself. This wine rack in a box is definitely a wooden design that worth to forgo. Overall, it should be simple because of the design which is the same as the usual box. However, the circular opening in one side for putting the bottles may require a bit problem.

Hanging your bottle wine is also brilliant idea!

This upside-down wine hanger is a real definition of “bottom-up!” you can not help to adore the fascinating feature of a simple combination of wire and metal can do. There is no twist on it, it is just a simple way to have your wine displayed and enjoyed to feast the eyes as well as thirst.

Classical shelves of wine rack is suitable for rustic room ideas

Decorative items in a house may inspire another furnishing as well. Take for example this hanging wine rack that takes its form from home key holders. If you replace the hooks with wine bars then you have a classic looking wine rack attached to the wall.

Bar will be look classy and unique with industrial wine rack

Anyone would not expect this wine rack design due to its fascinating design. The interesting use of recycles pipes turn into an amazing industrial wine rack. You may have never expected such a blend of wood, metal, and all kind of industrial stuff in this rack for wines.

Wooden basket is simple and saves space for bottle wine storage

You want something simple and reachable. Better yet, a bonus decoration on the kitchen island. This wooden wine basket is just what your table needs to add flair into the plain surface. Of course, this means you have to choose your most favorite wine to go to the basket, due to its small size.

Floating wine storage in the bar look so great!

If there is a space to fill, you may as well use them. Like this under the cabinet wine unit. It is so easy to access and what a smart way to use up the spaces between the cabinet and the kitchen island. Now, you have a place to put your wine, whether it’s for cooking or for entertaining. It is a simple addition to the wooden cabinet, that you can also make yourself. Add a plank of wood and makes all the necessary holes for the wines, and you are all set.

Horizontal wooden shelves for DIY wine rack ideas

Simplicity at its finest. If you are looking for an easy DIY wine rack tutorial, then this answers the question. All you need are a couple of wooden planks and circular wires. Then voila, there is a unique wine rack above the buffet.

Make used half barrel for DIY Wine Barrel

This unique wine barrel makes a rustic wine rack with its half-open covers. The wooden barrier that formed the X shaped helps to hold the wines in the right amount of the divider. So, it looks good and would not make the wines breaks due to over cramps items.

Not usually half, you can also make used full barrel for wine storage!

For entertaining as well as useful decorative furniture, this wine barrel is exactly what you need. Have a full shapes barrel and fill the inside part with ices, lots of it. The drinks will stay cool for the entire party.

Easy and simple wine rack from unused wooden shelves

Do not let this wine rack fool you. It is maybe simple and space-savvy. But it uses a wooden crate well, by having it installed on the wall and the wooden planks smartly contain the wine and glass at the same time.

Floating wine rack on the wall

There is always a small area in the kitchen that was left empty. Maybe, it is because the area was so tiny or in a usual shaped like a narrow line, or a long horizontal. Then, this next DIY wine rack project can be the solution to that empty spot. Just make the rack accordance to size, and add these wine holder to seal the design. It is simple and cleverly used up area on the wall right down to its fitted form.

Save space with mini wine rack

Even if you do not fancy wine that much, it is still a great idea to keep some for guest and special events. This mini rack over the counter just might do the trick. This rack is so compact that it holds only half a dozen of wine to put into ints ring. So, make sure to pick the most popular of the kind

Unused Wheeled cart could be perfect for wine storage

Want to give this unused cart a second life? Then turn it into wine storage. There is literally no major modification needed. Every bottle that you can think of, can easily slip into the cart below or above. The wheen makes it easier for a portable usage when you want to roam from room to room with a great selection of bottles.


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