15 Economical Toy Storage Ideas (That Makes the Kid’s Room Look Lovely)

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Do you have kids in your home? If yes, then you absolutely know how their toys can take over the whole house. This condition is so difficult for parents that live in a small home unless they live in unlimited space. For a minimalist home which needs the amount of space to save their kids toys, these tips and tricks can be creative ways for them. Don’t worry, these tips and tricks won’t cost many budgets and your home still look amazing. Here are some good ideas to store your kid’s stuff.

Woven Container Will be Perfect for Tidy up Toys

One of the best famous ways to store your child stuff is the woven container. Yes! The woven container is very simple and pretty cheap too for your child toys. You can organize and divide your child stuff with different rack. For example, animal toys for the left rack, cars stuff in the middle rack or doll on the right side. This storage is easy to clean up too because you just clean every rack with simple cleaning stuff that you have, such as feather duster.

Knitting Basket Also Can be Adorable Toy Storage

Kids love adorable stuff and when they have it, you can see how diligent they are to organize their own toys. One of that stuff is a knitting basket. This toy storage can save your kids stuff very well. After they save their own toys in every knitting basket, you can place them on the shelves which have multiple racks.

Wooden Chest is Suitable for Toy Storage Idea

Dolls, no matter how small they are, need some spaces to store too. Maybe you can place them in every corner of your child room or even on their bed, but the room will look cluttered. So, to keep your child’s room always clean and neat after they play, you have to organize their dolls with the right storage, for example, this wooden chest idea.

For your information, the wooden chest is one of the inexpensive classic storage for some stuff. This saving space can store many dolls and of course, other kids stuff too. Plus, the wooden chest isn’t taking up unnecessary room space. You can place them under your child’s bed or put them in room corners and even under the sofa.

Vintage Stroller Wooden for Toy Organizer

The vintage stroller wooden is the best way to help child’s organized their toys, books or even their drawing pencils. They can easily grab their stuff moreover if you organize their toys in different vintage stroller wooden for a different kind of stuff. There is no heavy “drama” to lift the vintage anymore because you can just pull them into the corner easier.

Container for Toy Stuff Can Make Room be Neater

Choose an interesting color for toys storage such as blue, white or grain plastic containers. It will be a decorative blend with the traditional white wall as a background. Furthermore, floating white shelves on the wall also help you to store other stuff such as pencils in the glass, books and picture frame. Under those white shelves, place your coloring containers together in one straight line. Furthermore, you can add the white table and gray chair beside them to save other small plastic containers. Now, your home already neat and nice, mom!

Neatly Room with Toy Organizer

The divider organizer rack makes separating books, dolls, stuffed animals and toys easier. This interesting colored storage makes sure that your home doesn’t look cluttered and mess anymore. So, it will be other than just strew those toys around the room randomly. After they play, you just take and put their toys into different racks and voila! Your job finishes in a minute.

Various Shaped Container Can Make Kids Room be Neater

Large and so functional! That’s why almost all moms in the world like this storage space. Just put shaped containers near the wall, and kids can play around in the remainder big area. When they bored, you can help them to store their own toys in a different container. Choose an attractive color for every basket in each drawer to make your kids easy to know what toys are in it. With this idea, they can grab them back easy too.

Animal Box That Can Make Children Eager to Clean up Their Toys!

Get your creative with basic storage like a box. This functional storage gives a big area for your children toys. Put the animal cartoon on the box surface so your children are eager to organize and clean up their own toys. This simple learning will teach them how to manage and take care of their own items. Anyway, this animal box also looks stylish and cute enough so even you want to clean all your little girl and boy stuff.

Unique Shelves Decoration Also Can be Toy Organizer

Unique shelves are one of the best kids toy storage to make your kids room look cute, decorative and neat at the same time. Try black-paint wall as a background for a nice blend with bright color shelves like white and orange. Oh, you can add some kid decorations too such as unique planets, stars, birds, or molecules on the wall. Complete them with adorable lighting on the corner. Your child room will look fun so they can feel comfortable to play the whole day.

Square Shelves on the Wall Will be Pretty for Kids Room

The square shelves on the wall must be the best toys storage that you’ve ever know. This style will win you all the adorable points, mom. You don’t need to lift some spaces like baskets into the corner anymore. You don’t need to spend floor space for toy storage. You don’t need to décor and add other items to make your kids room look adorable. Just clean up this storage routine and put different colors to every square shelf like the picture above so this idea can be the great solution for those problems, mom.

Unique Shelves for Toy Storage Idea

Other unique shelves which have multiple forms such as circle and “plus” forms can be your alternative toys storage. It adds some character into your kid room. You can fill each of shelves with different toys. Use color accents for their amazing sight. You can use green, yellow, orange, brown, or gray colors for it. As you know, children like multiple colors for their items so they are not boring while having fun. Combine it with the bright wall as a background for the more unique room design idea.

Adorable Toy Organizer with Lego Shaped Style

Every child loves Lego. This toy trained their brain to be more creative and logic. Maybe Lego as toys is normal but Lego as toy storage is an unusual idea. You can use this saving space for making your children love to organize their own stuff. You will know how excited they are when they see this storage space. And thankfully, this genius saving space should be less expensive than other storage options.

Orange Wooden Box Can be Joyful for Toy Storage Idea

Take advantage of the extra storage unit with orange wooden box. This saving space is so functional for your child toys out. You can label it beautifully so there shouldn’t be an issue anymore about where the toys go. This wooden box is also really neat so you can organize all your child stuff.

Simple Drawstring Bag for Toy Stuff

Who knew that the drawstring bag could be so handy for toy stuff? I love this idea! This is another saving space that you can use for your kid’s toys. This simple one is so easy to use and inexpensive, too. You can fill the bag with stuffed animals and other kid items instead of using the open storage space. Furthermore, this simple drawstring bag is also easy to clean up. You just push this bag under furniture such as a kid’s bed or just hang it on the wall. So, your kid toys can store out of your sight. It’s simple, right?

Kids Will Love to Animal Toy Organizer!

Kids love animal toys. So, it can be a really neat idea for kids when you use animal toy organizer for their saving space. This storage space also easy to utilize because instead bring toys indoors or hang them on the wall, you can just put them into this cute organizer. Other surprising news, kids easy access their toys when they want to play.

Well, now you have already known several toy storage ideas that will help your kid’s toys organizing a little easier. Choose what ideas you want to try and see how neat, clean, and adorable your kid’s room looks.

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