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Are you in the mood for decorating a great amount of free space on the wall? Do not let the free area goes on touch. Now, you may want to keep things up to the minimum and do not want to see frames hanging filled the wall. There is a way to decorate the blank space without overdoing it. The simple answer to that is to make DIY Floating Shelves.

You can use or make your own floating shelves. It is simple and has many colors, design, and material to explore. Surprise yourself with unique shelves or stay true to the classic design. The choice is up to you to decide. There is no right and wrong answer in making your own things whichever you like.

But, if you are still undecided on what design you want to use. Then here is the things. This time we will provide a list of pictures which inspires you. Let’s check it out!

Simple and minimalis floating shelves for bathroom items

This modern way of decorating does not only appeals to the living room but also the bathroom area. Keep everything nice and tidy by hanging all your bath needs up on the wall. You have only two shelves so choose your display well. This is also a great way to think before buying. You can avoid clutter and only purchase stuff that you really use and need.

Minimalist floating shelves with hanging for clothes

You are just about to leave the house. But, you are having trouble locating your keys, working name tag and all of that little stuff. Say no more, fix that problem by hanging them up on this floating shelves with hooks. It works great for decorating, and also to display your essential items to go.

Zig zag floating shelves in the living room

Minimalist furniture uses simple geometrical shapes like lines into their floating shelves. However, a little twist of zigzag not only create texture, but it also holds your books really well.

Floating shelves with old wooden for in the kitchen

Modern floating shelves have the same lines shapes that may be too common for your taste. This simple addition furnishing items on your wall are actually quite easy to be a DIY floating shelves that you can try on. Especially when you are thinking a particular design shelf as a cabinet for your wine. If no one has ever thought about it, just make your own.

Rustic floating shelves in the bedroom

That area on the corner in the bedroom is too small for a bed, cupboard or study desk. Here is another brilliant idea, use the corner structure and add thick large wooden planks. It will be your very own rustic floating shelves, nice on the corner. It will be a nice addition to your bedroom interior.

A Pretty Floating Shelves with a Minimalist and Simple Style

This chic shelves hanging in an uneven row. Sometimes, you need to put things that way to give a little different angle. What a way to spice up the wall.

Colorful Background with the unique floating shelves

Working with the dark wall is a different kind of challenge. The furnishing needs to be in a light color, in order to stand out. Better yet, you can also combine material and color and just being playful with what you got. Take these blue and white metal shelves to meet the wooden floating lines that are just simply artistic.

Floating Shelves that Follow the Curves of the Walls

Do not let the imbalance structure prevent you from giving the best decor into a room. For example, take this small curve on the corner. All you need is a little imagination and creativity to manage DIY floating shelves on the wall. You can have wooden material and your very own measurement to fit the wall perfectly.

Corner Shelf with a Classic Design

You go to the basic and implement a three-tier corner floating shelves. Sometimes what a room need is a simple addition that can be a decoration as well as a compartment to put your things. Not too much tier that becomes clutter, but enough space to give a nice view from afar.

The occipital triangle of floating shelves looks very gorgeous

Modern floating shelves have evolved into a more geometric feature. Take these DIY floating shelves that the homeowner cleverly installs on the way to decorate the house. The shelves are in uneven measurement and take imbalance to perfection.

Triangle Floating Shelves with premium wooden

Other triangular shaped shelves that follow pyramid-like shapes. So, naturally, it has more layers and compartment to display your little small items. You can display as many shelves as you would like, depending also the with of your blank wall.

Another corner shelf in unique and beautiful shape

Now, who says that you can only use wood and lines as floating shelves? There are many other shape and material to explore, especially if you are quite skillful on making them by yourself. This metal triangular shelves with a hint of 3-dimensional illusion is a simple yet unique addition to your home.

Elegan floating shelves for modern room design

This small corner DIY floating shelves come in dark tone that blend with other decoratives on the wall. Because of there re also other hanging items on the wall, the homeowner generously places a very simple shelf that makes the room just perfect. The carefully thought out monochromic palette also displays a well thought out art.

Floating shelves with aesthetic design makes your room looks gorgeus

A large and wide empty wall is just screaming for large DIY floating shelves. Well, make sure you think about your design before deciding which wall it is best to hang on to. Too much decorative items on the wall make the room looks cramped. So, just add enough items without overdoing it.

Diagonal shape is perfect for DIY floating shelves

Explore various geometrical shaped to inspire you in making your very own DIY floating shelves. Do you want to think of out of the box on designing your shelves? How about seeking unusually shaped? Things that unique because you do not see it a lot but also not too weird so it can still blend with the entire room interior. A honeycomb is a shape that has not got much attention for shelves. It is definitely an idea to broaden.


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