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When your child is playing with his Lego toys, he won’t know how difficult it is to clean up the messy room. Especially when you accidentally step on it and stab your leg, it must be very painful. Lego, a toy of small blocks arranged to hone children’s creativity. Very educational, but it can also be stressful for those of you who can’t stand the chaos because of the small pieces that will scatter everywhere.

Even though it has been taken care of and collected in a container, then your child will mess it up again. Well, for those of you who are looking for a Lego storage solution that will not only overcome this mess but also pleasing to the eye because of the artistic value of the decor, you should try the following Lego storage ideas that will not only calm you down but also amaze your child. Let’s check it out!

Big Lego for Lego Storage Idea!

If you are looking for a container that is right for storing Lego toys, then maybe you will be interested in this one. This big Lego beam container is very creative and beautiful to store a collection of your child’s Lego toys. A large container with a Lego-shaped lid makes this container perfect for you to place on the corner of your child’s playroom or stored under a table so it doesn’t blend with other toys and can be easily ejected when needed.

Lego Container is a Perfect Item for Saving Your Lego and Another Toy

Just a collection of Lego blocks may not satisfy your child enough for his love of Lego. This collection of giant Lego blocks might make him happy as if you were giving your child a new Lego world to explore. But that pleasure doesn’t last long when you see the mess he made with Lego blocks scattered on the floor.

There is no need to look for special containers to collect because you can use this large Lego container to store small blocks of your child’s Lego toys. This large size Lego can also be used to store other toys. So when your child is looking for his toys again, he can immediately find it in this big Lego. Efficient and certainly save space.

Using Lego Box for Saves and Clean up Your Room from Lego!

No need to look for a new container to put the scattered Lego blocks together, just use the Lego box to store it. The zip-up bag is a big box with its lid tightly closed so it won’t spill easily. There are also handles on both sides so that it can be very practical and easy to carry anywhere. Perfect to take when you and your child take on a long car journey.

Use a Drawer to Store Tidy up the Scattered Lego

If you want a container that is simple and stores well, maybe you will need this versatile drawer. This small, plastic stacked drawer allows you to store Lego blocks properly, even arranged as you wish, such us based on the color or shape. This flip-out drawer can also be used as a small table as a place for your child to play his Lego. You can also slowly teach your child to try to insert the toys themselves to hone their creativity.

The Container Can Make Your Room Clean and Neat from Lego

If there is little space in your bookshelf, you can arrange a place to store scattered Lego toys in neatly arranged transparent plastic containers. Arrange based on color to make it easier to recognize, if necessary give a label and/or give a decoration with this small adorable Lego storage head so that your cabinet shelf appears more attractive and gorgeous.

Neatly Kids Room with the Hanging Container to Store Lego

The playroom has its own place in the world of children because that’s where he spends his fun time every day with a variety of adorable piles of toys. After entering the playroom, no one can stop his activities. When your child is sleepy maybe then he stops, and you once again find a room full of toys scattered on the floor.

For this reason, always providing a special place to store toys in the room will save you more time. For example, hanging plastic containers that allow you to organize Lego toys more easily. Given a bulkhead with a system without cover so that it is easy to insert and adjust based on the color. You can put it hanging between the tables to give extra space for other toy containers underneath.

Simple but Can Make Room Neatly from Scattered Lego

If you don’t have a transparent container to store your child’s Lego toys, you can store them in a colored container like this with the condition of giving a name tag so that it is easier when organizing it. You can place this plastic container together on a shelf or desk in the children’s playroom to make it easier to reach. The design is simple, practical, and certainly makes your child’s playroom more organized.

A Brilliant Idea to Make a Container Under the Desk

If you are looking for a place to store Lego toys, maybe the space under the desk can be an alternative for you. Not only saving space, but you can take it faster when your child needs it. But that doesn’t mean you will just collect and put it under the table, you can create a special container to insert a number of trays that can be arranged in layers under the table. You can use these containers to store Lego based on the color or shape so that your child is easier to take the Lego back.

You Can Also Make Lego Storage from Lego!

Don’t have an attractive container or shelf to store it? Maybe you can try this creative Lego storage idea. You can save your child’s Lego toys into a drawer that resembles this Lego arrangement. The appearance is unique and beautiful, not only gives space for your child’s collection of Lego toys but can also be a decoration of sweet furniture in your child’s playroom.

Children will find it easier to find toys again if they are inserted there. If you don’t find a drawer like this anywhere, you can also try to create it by arranging Lego blocks. Certainly invites creativity and saving a container, right?

Incredible and Amazing Table with Lego Storage!

So as not to make the room too messy, maybe you should change the idea to just collect Lego pieces inside the container, but try using a Lego table. In addition to giving a cute nuance to your child’s playroom, a Lego table can be a separate baseplate so that your child can play Lego with satisfaction on the table, thus lightening your burden a little to clean it on the floor. Specially designed by attaching a table cover with Lego colors in addition to a small arrangement of Lego blocks that you can attach to the table to make it more attractive.

To better show that it’s a Lego table, you can also add a small round transparent metal container containing little colored Lego pieces on the side of the table held with magnetic stripes, this small container will be used to hang containers or buckets containing regulated Lego collections based on the color. Make a small table to fit your child’s height. With this amazing Lego storage idea, surely it will definitely make your child happy to play Lego all day on it.

A Large Drawstring Bag is Perfect for Lego Storage Idea

Well, if you are looking for a container that is practical and easy to carry anywhere but does not take up a lot of space with a large size, maybe you need to try using this drawstring bag. The shape is flexible and can load a lot, this drawstring bag is also easy to close by just pulling on the rope handle. You can then save it by hanging it in a closet or hanger.

Special Edition of Lego Shelves!

Instead of having to stack it in the corner of the room, you can use this small drawer to store your child’s Lego toys. It has several small shelves that can contain containers to store Lego blocks that have been separated according to their color or shape.

This drawer is small enough so that you can place it in a corner of the room as a decoration of furniture. You can adjust the surface color of your drawers with bright or bold colors according to the style of your room. Empty space above a drawer can also be a place to put various other items or toys.

Put Your Collection in Hanging Shelves on the Wall from Lego

Are you confused about how to decorate your child’s playroom so that it doesn’t look too messy? There is nothing wrong with trying out the following Lego storage ideas so that your children’s toy shelves on display look attractive. When playing, sometimes all the toys and figures are also scattered on the floor so it is difficult to find, especially when your child is whining to play it.

Now, design your home wall shelves by attaching colored Lego blocks to become the right place to put your child’s mini-figures collection. Not only saving space, but this arrangement is really attractive and certainly gives the impression of a pleasant new world for your child.

Amazing Frame for Saving Your Lego Collection

Well, for those of you who also like to assemble Lego blocks as a form of creativity, maybe you can save your masterpieces not only in an empty shelf but in a framed rack like this. Also, place Lego blocks as a base that serves as a support for your Lego assemblies and mini-figures so they don’t fall easily. Then frame and display it on the wall of the room so you can look at it satisfied. Of course, your child will be very happy if you display it in his playroom.

Big Shelves are Suitable for Saves Your Lego Collection!

Give your Lego assemblies and collection of your mini-figures a special place to show off their beauty, which is a big shelf like this. You can display it by type, shape or theme, according to your taste. You can be creative to create a stunning new world of adventure on your toy shelf. You can display this beautiful masterpiece in your own room, children’s playroom, or in the living room as a decoration.

As for tips for you, try to wash your child’s Lego toys frequently. Imagine germs that can be touched by your child every day, certainly very worrying. Simply wash with soap and drain using a laundry bag to make it easier to dry. Too many other creative ideas that you can try to overcome your stress on the floor that is messed up by your child’s Lego toys. Choose Lego storage ideas that do not only save your budget but also have an artistic value that always amazes your eyes.

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