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There is a special blanket design to cure insomnia and makes sleeping more comfortable. A weighted blanket which has so much benefit for people. From the moment it was made until it gets to covers your laps, you can find how cozy it is. That is the reason weighted blanket DIY become popular nowadays.

The ideas behind it are to have some beads, fillers, or even pads inside the blanket and gives a warm like a hug filling when you wear it. It is a relaxing DIY project for people who love to sew.

It is also great for gifts and also extremely helpful for people that have trouble sleeping and even kids. There is so many version of weighted blanket that you can go for, knitted, soft fabric or even thick ones. Read along some of them underneath and find your suitable design.

Beutiful weighted blacket for girls

Putting kids to bed can be problematic for some people. Especially if you have special need kids or just plain cranky kids. To save everyone, the hassle at night, throw in a weighted blanket for kids to get their hands on. The filler act as a sensory soothing therapy and the pretty pattern that comes in pinks is just an adorable blanket for your little girls.

Boys are like weighted blanket with map draw

Don’t forget about the little boys too. They can really give you a hard time. You would think they would use up all their energy during the day. Nope, kids also can have too much energy to fall asleep. Here is a map covered weight blanket to keep them busy and before you know it. They sleep and sound while wearing a comfy and warm weighted blanket DIY.

Grey Knit weighted blanket that look so cozy for rest

Sometimes you just need a quick nap to recharge. People can easily fall into a deep sleep and it only takes them like a great 20 minutes to refresh. Add value to your resting quality and have a nice balanced weight blanket to help you reach that level of sleeping quality. This light gray knitted blanket is an easy pick to throw in the sofa bed.

Pink Knitt Weighted blanket also look warm and cozy for cold day

Technical you want a neutral colored weighted blanket to fit any cour of bedding. However, if you have a shockingly bright color favorite in mid there is no use of stopping there. Like this pink large knitted weighted blanket DIY that is a complete stunning pop of color against the plain white interior.

Bedroom look so pretty when you used purple knit weighted blanket

This condenses knitting pattern not only pretty to look at but really warm you up. The tight puffy tightened blanket give mixture feeling of warm hugs and breezy feelings. Don’t you just love the soft layers of knitted but also heavy on the sensory as well. You will have no problem sleeping with this blanket on the bed.

Weighted but not weight for blue knitt blanket!

For those who desire a less pressure. This light blanket is the right covers for your kids to dive into. It’s lighter than a most weighted blanket. But, it had some additional thickness to be called a weighted blanket DIY. Not all of the extra weight on blanket need filler to makes such a heavy cover.

Kids are usually like navy color for their weighted blanket

A weighted blanket not only can give you that extra weight while sleeping but also a nice fabric for a throw on your sofa. This weighted blanket DIY is not going to weight you down. It’s light filler adequate for kids and simply adorable interior items for the sofa facing the television. You can snuggle on this while sipping hot cocoa on a chilly night.

Grey is the best color for winter!

You can choose your fabric, material, filler, and color for a weighted blanket DIY. The choices are endless. So, making a weighted blanket gove more freedom to have that extra warmth to fit your need. Whether you are in for a heavy cover or just a warm hug, there are skillful tricks to makes it happens.

Cotton weighted blanket with deer drawed is perfect for winter style decoration

The extra cotton filler takes the definition of “sleep tight” into a different level. The double covers make a duality usage whenever you got bored from one side, just flip it over, and you got other covers to help you sleep through the night.

Solid Grey weighted blanket look cozy when you feels cold

A solid one tone color is a simple way to determine your weighted blanket DIY. It is a perfect combination either your bed or your couch. By using grey color, you can also save yourself the trouble to maintain its clean color. As we all know, using a white color can be daunting, because u need to clean it regularly.

Beautiful weighted blanket makes your bedroom look gorgeous

This nice vintage fabric has some extra filler to weight in. You need to measure carefully all the squares and the fillers to have a well-balanced throw-in of a bed weight blankets. Either way, make sure the seal all the edges for extra lining just in case the filler sneak it way out the blanket.

Warm and cozy weighted blanket

This light and the flowy blanket are just simply adorable. It gives just enough warmth during the wintery night but also quite comfy for lesser cold days. Its soft end with bubbly stitched balls adds flair to the plain textured blanket.

Simple and classy style of weighted blanket

There is so many fabric to choose from when it comes to making weighted blanket DIY. Choose your material carefully, and stay with the ones that make you comfortable. This soft microfiber blanket has an even layer of weight that instantly calms you down in a cold day yet has a cooling effect during hot days.

You will never cold if used this knitt weighted blanket

Having a hard time sleeping? Considers making yourself a weighted blanket that you can knit through the night and days. Before, you know it, there is a long enough blanket to help you sleeping weather is it for napping or just resting during the day.

Beautify your bedroom with grey weighted blanket

An additional crafty touch to not only decorate your bedroom but also give extra warmth. This crochet weighted blanket DIY in grey is a nice bonus to have in anyone’s room. The warm and washable covers fill any missing element that you need for a great night sleeping.


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