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It seems impossible to miss the presence of a mirror in the bathroom. Mirroring is one of the routine activities that is usually do when we’re getting ready before starting other activities. That’s why it becomes our need.

Whether to pep up while primping or gives a striking focal point, the mirror is certainly a concern when designing the bathroom. Therefore, a mirror is an important element in the bathroom design, because it isn’t only for mirroring, but also beautify and strengthen the design character of your bathroom.

A little tip, there are few things that you have to concern when choosing the mirror for your bathroom. Besides choosing a mirror that suits your preferences, you also have to notice the mirror suitability with your bathroom interior design. For example, if you want to bring an impressive look, choose a unique mirror shape. If you want to give a modern touch, you can choose a simple square and frameless rectangle mirror. You can also make a custom design for shaping your mirror as you like to show your character.

And then, don’t combine too much kind of shape and style of the mirror in your bathroom. Because it can disrupt the design concept of your bathroom. Maybe the idea is, you want to show some different look in your bathroom. But, instead of making it “wow” you can make it “ugh”.

Want to know more? I offer you these 15 mirror design to bring the gorgeous look to your bathroom. Check it out!


A simple round mirror

If you love simplicity but you have a classic bathroom style, I think this simple round mirror will represent that. With a wooden frame, it looks harmoniously combine with the color of the steel faucets on the sink. You must choose this!

The modern minimalist rectangle mirror

When it’s time to choose the mirror, you can harmonize its style with the vanity design in your bathroom. You can combine the modern minimalist vanity design with the thick wooden frame on this rectangle mirror. A rectangle mirror always suits with modern minimalist interior design, don’t you think?

The oval-shaped mirror to creates a vintage look

One of the simplest things that you can do to bring a vintage look to your bathroom is with choosing the oval shape mirror. With its frameless design, this mirror adds a classic impression to your bathroom space.

Modern luxurious look with super large rectangle mirror

Do you want to show the luxury design with a modern touch? Don’t hesitate to install a super large rectangle mirror that fills the vanity wall area of your bathroom.

Mirror with mirror frame design creates a unique look

You can make a unique mirror design as a choice if you want to create an impressive bathroom. These rectangle mirrors with neat mirror pieces as their frame create a different unique look to your bathroom.

A large rectangle mirror with wooden dark frame

If you think a large rectangle mirror is too fancy for you but you do like the idea, you can make an alternative by giving a dark wooden frame to the mirror. It will create an instant simplicity, but still showing a modern design.

Rustic mirror with abstract wooden frame

To present a natural atmosphere with an eccentric design, you can try with choosing a rustic style mirror with an abstract wooden frame. Remember, because the mirror itself looks so stand out, you have to adjust with your bathroom design. Avoid disrupting the concept between the bathroom design and mirror style.

Unique mirror design for your small bathroom

How to create an impressive small bathroom? You can start by installing a small mirror with a unique design. Like this one, the small bathroom with natural style decorates with unusual and unique mirror shape.

The Scandinavian mirror style

The round shape mirror with leather strap is a distinctive style of Scandinavian design. No need to hesitate to choose this Scandinavian style mirror if the main concept of your bathroom design is Scandinavian.

A super simple modern mirror style

The frame design in this mirror gives another benefit. You can put your little makeup tools there. This kind of mirror style is so suitable with a small bathroom where you need a functional but still stylish mirror.

Combining two different styles of the bathroom mirror

What it looks like when you combine two different styles of the mirror in your bathroom? If you want it, the main thing you should remember is don’t install a striking mirror style in both of them. One represents the design concept of the bathroom while the other is just a complement to the design. Like this one, the round style represents the vintage bathroom design and the square style just as a complement.

The backlight behind the mirror

Creating backlight behind the mirror makes the mirror as if it looks luminous. The lights that spread behind the mirror bring beautiful light reflection.

Mirror as decorates element

Installing lots of mirrors with various sizes and harmonious designs will maximize the mirror function as one of the important elements in the bathroom design. As you can see, all these mirrors have similar pieces and styles that bring a classic impression.

Wooden mirror frame

Whether it’s square, rectangle, or round shape, the wooden frame always suitable when combined with various bathroom designs. As you can see, this example shows that wooden mirror frames suit with vintage-classic design and Scandinavian-natural design.

An old fashioned window becomes a DIY bathroom mirror

This is another idea to bring a vintage mirror style to your bathroom. By doing a personal project, you can utilize the unused window into a bathroom mirror. Just simply replace the window glass with a mirror. While letting the paint color of the frame that has been peeled off looks as it is, to show a vintage impression.


I really hope you can find more ideas in this article and if you think I did miss something, please let me know your opinion! Of course, you may share this article if you find the content is helpful. Thank you!

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