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Don’t let a messy bathroom ruin your mood. Your towels, soap, comb, hairdryer, aromatherapy oils, and everything that you need in your bathroom, they need to organize. Because you certainly don’t want to waste time just looking for where your hairdryer or shaving machine is right when you are getting ready to go to work.

Bathroom storage will save you.

By arranging your toiletries to bathroom storage, you will be saving more time when you look for them. And of course, you will always get a neat and tidy bathroom look. But if you have a small bathroom, please don’t worry. There are so many ways to organize your small bathroom spaces with bathroom storage in it. Relax, it’s just needed creativity.

Now, just sit for a while and you can read 15 bathroom storage ideas with the various styles that I have prepared for you. Let’s start.

A master bathroom with the merging of bathroom storage and vanity

Making bathroom storage that merges with vanity is a great idea. With this kind of bathroom storage design, after bathing you can take hairdryer easily and immediately do the makeup without forgetting to put your hairdryer back to the storage.

Blue tone interior with vintage style

Storing bathroom storage near to the sink can make it easier for you to get ready without having to go back and forth from the bathroom. This is why before you make or put your bathroom storage, it is wise for you to observe around your bathroom first. Then you can decide which spot you can use to put your bathroom storage. I hope this blue theme bathroom can inspire you in making a calm bathroom atmosphere.

A simple classic bathroom storage look

Thinking that your bathroom too narrow to add other storage? Why don’t you try to put it above the sink? You can choose a simple storage design and don’t make it too high. Note that the high of the storage doesn’t touch the ceiling. And soft color combinations like white and soft turquoise will create a fresh atmosphere and not crowded.

A vintage shelf style for your bathroom storage

Yes, you need bathroom storage, but you want a different and classy look. What to choose? I suggest you, go with this vintage shelf style. Its natural brown color makes it becomes a focal point with white color around. With drawers at the bottom, you can save your hairdryer or your big makeup tools there.

A simple built-in bathroom storage

This built-in bathroom storage is one of the saving space ideas that you can apply to your bathroom. The built-in design itself aims to maximize the existing land area when first designing the space that you need. And remember, the white tone is a great color to create a broad impression and bring a simple and classy atmosphere.

The simple feminine bathroom storage

Looking for bathroom storage design for your daughter’s bathroom? You can try this. The soft pink color in this bathroom theme can inspire to you create a feminine style. With many shelves on the storage, your daughter can save so many personal things there. Even she can put her favorite novel or magazine in that shelves.

Shelves storage style

I can say this is another idea to organize and arrange your toiletries when you have a narrow bathroom space. Your bathroom can still look neat and tidy with those shelves that attach to the wall. Plus, the position near the sink, making it easier for you to brush your teeth or shaving without moving even a bit.

Minimalist bathroom storage with ladder design

Give a little space for this ladder bathroom storage design. Who would have thought that a tiered ladder would inspire the creation of bathroom storage? I’ve told you before, just need creativity to make your bathroom still has a broad and fresh look. Wanna go with this one?

The vintage dark brown style for bathroom storage idea

Using storage that also has functioned as a mirror is an effective and practical way. Even more when putting it right above the sink. You can easily reach your toiletries, whether it’s cotton buds or facial soap. With adding rack storage with many drawers near them, you can put your other toiletries such as a clean towel. And I think, this vintage bathroom storage, one of the great choices for you.

A classy shelves storage for tiny bathroom

I have another shelves storage idea if you have a super small or tiny bathroom space. If you think putting the shelves storage near the sink or mirror is seem too crowded for you, look for another spot. Above the closet, for example. You can arrange two or three-layered shelves and simply organize your toiletries there. To keep it all neat, you can use wire baskets for each different kind of toiletries.

A simple hanging storage idea

The design principle is exactly like a ladder. Tiered and placed against the wall. You can hang a lot of towels there or use wire baskets at each level to store your soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and more.

Minimalist hanging storage

You can choose another design of hanging bathroom storage. Like this one. It looks simple with wood and steel wire material. Go organize your toiletries with this hanging storage and look a clean and neat changing in your bathroom

Shelves storage behind the cabinet door

If you have a cabinet on your vanity, you can add custom shelves that attached behind the door. This is a great idea to save your bathroom space. I know it doesn’t load much your toiletries, because maybe it only fits with small sizes like soap, lotion, comb, etc.

The linen basket for your bathroom storage

What would you think if you have an empty space under the sink? Use it as a bathroom storage! Put all your toiletries into linen baskets, group each of it to different baskets, and arrange them under your sink. Easy, right?

The Scandinavian bathroom storage interior

You can combine different bathroom storage design to your bathroom. For example, this Scandinavian storage interior using two kinds of bathroom storage: One with the rack style and the other a ladder style that attached to the wall. They are placed side by side, near the sink for easy organizing.

All these bathroom storage designs were selected just for you. The key is, you only need creativity to make your bathroom, whether it’s big or small, neat and tidy. If you have any thoughts, please simply leave a comment. Happy organizing and thank you!

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