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Picture frame is often a common thing seen around every household nowadays. They serve as a place to put your prided family photo or your unforgettable moment in your life. But, with how common they are, people now start craving for making their own unique DIY picture frame.

They want their memorable photos can be hanging around with a unique frame which suitable for their special moment.  That is the reason that DIY picture frame is on the rise nowadays. With how everything seems easier with digital, some people still like it the old ways.

Although having pictures in frames seems like old school. You need one or two of them as part of the interior design of your house. How else would you display a happy family living under one roof? So, in order to break away from the boring simple frame that ofter decorates the wall, here are some interesting out-of-the-box picture frame to think about.

Make use of wooden board for hanging pictures

Do not need for buying supplies to have your very own DIY picture frames. Just wind up things that you do not use anymore, and see what you can come up with. Take any piece of wooden material and hung it on the wall. Strings of thick threads with wooden pins. Instantly, you pulled off a pictures frames with the wooden theme with a rustic look.

DIY of hanging picture frame with glass

Old frame and painting structure can have a sent life by adding unused chains or strings wire. Work on with what you got and have everything hung and decorate the wall, impressively. It does not even take a crafted hand to put these together, just the will to declutter by recycling old stuff.

Scarves organizer could be used for DIY picture frame

Do not throw away old items just because there is a new one. Think deeply what can that piece of item do to your home. Like this old worn out scarves organizer with interesting round wired attach together with strings. Pinups your photos, pictures and decoratives and you got yourself a cute hanging picture frame to adored.

One large old frame can cater not just one photo but a bunch of them. Particularly if you are thinking about a certain memorable moment, such as a wedding, birthday or graduation. Turn an old rustic picture frame by having a theme of selections of the photo. It is a great way to display your pictures when you simply can not choose one.

Premium wooden for DIY picture frame

Old fences or barnyard have a special wooden form. You may think it only works as what it used to be. But take a good look or take a step back. Can you picture it as a picture frame? Because the idea seems really appealing. And when you give it a go, it really is.

An unused widow frame that can be reused into a picture frame

Any wooden structure can be easily turned into a photo frame. You do not even need to do any retouching such as police it or repaint it. Just take an old window frame and have several smaller frames in it as a collective picture frame on your living room or the kitchen area. The rustic touch of brownish threads tied up is a nice variation from the usual pins.

The pieces of wooden fence are also suitable for pictures frame

As long there is room to nail and structure to clip on, any item has a shoot to become a picture frame. Just take a look at these frames, can’t you guess what it is used to be? Old fences or wooden crates make appealing frames. And you can even keep the original structure.

Simple and easy ways to make DIY picture frame

No pain, no gain. Omitting the frame does not mean there is no DIY picture frame to try. Easy strings and some hooks are enough to beautify the empty wall with your pictures and memorable photos. Add two lines or more and you can never find yourself lost of spaces anymore

Reused photo frame be unique and adorable picture frame

A unique decorative idea does not have to take the unusual form that no one ever thought of. Just make a little twist here and there, and you got your own personal picture frames that were made just for you. The strings and clips may be common but the placement isn’t.

A piece of wood must be perfect for easy DIY picture frame

When you want to draw attention to the picture, have a really simple frame. Like this line of plank sturdy and think wooden panels. It complements the photos amazingly and you can place it in anywhere.

You can also makes picture frame from reused bottle!

When the bottom is up, do not throw those bottle to the bins just yet. After a good scrub and some additional decorative sparkles, your bottle earns itself a place on the top drawer once again, but not as a picture frame.

Gather the wine caps that can be used to decorate the picture frames!

A great go green move by compiling wine caps or bottle corks. This little item as abundance makes a great picture frames ornaments. Just, make sure to stick them nice and even to produce one of a kind artwork on your family table or above the fireplace.

Easy and simple picture frame from a piece unused wood

Single memorable photos deserve its special place on the wall. There is no need to worry about finding the time to purchase a frame. Glues or nail some woods material and your frame are ready to hang. Creatively, the size does not even have to fit. That extra space creates a more rustic look to the whole structure.

That is beautiful photo frames of an oak branch

Wooden frames do not have to buy store-bought or even in the form of planks. Gather some oaks branches of any type of branches. You can make a natural material photo frame that goes well with your nature snap shoot. Glued everything together and add this

Golden metal round with decorate flower must be beautiful for picture frame

Polaroid photos are instant snaps of your special moment. They are small and goes extremely well as a collage work of art. While stitches might be an old hobby, the old round frames make an interesting layout together. Additionally, it goes well with your polaroid pictures and can mix with some pins and plastics flowers items.


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