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Do you think that your bathroom looks gloomy and boring? It could be because of your bathroom paint. As you already know, paint is one of the interior elements that can create a vibrant and lively atmosphere in a room. But, when you choose the wrong color, you may not find what you expected. The room can feel boring or even looks narrow.

So, how to choose it? The main principle is to adjust your paint color with your interior style. If you have a narrow bathroom with a modern minimalist style, you can choose bright and clear colors to make a broad impression and also create a clean and warm atmosphere. Generally, pastel colors are a great choice if you want to show a clean, bright, and fresh look to your bathroom. But, if you want to create an elegant and luxurious impression you can choose strong and few dark colors.

There’s a lot of options. But you decide what kind of bathroom you want to create and what colors you want. While you’re thinking, let me offer you these few paint inspirations to personalize your dream bathroom.

A soft white color for clean and bright bathroom

White is a common color for bathrooms that will create clean and bright impressions. Like this one, with natural lighting from the large window, it will strengthen those impressions. For those of you who want that clean and bright impressions, you can choose this soft white color for your bathroom.

Light brown color for luxury bathroom look

This light brown pastel color can create a luxurious look when it combines with proper interior design. The ceramic tiles on the wall are one of the keys that create a luxurious look and very suitable when it comes with this light brown color.

Dark brown creates an elegant impression

Dark colors are identic with strong characteristics. For example, if you want to show masculinity, black or dark navy blue is the right choice. And with this dark brown color, your bathroom will look elegant.

The combination of dark blue and white colors

Creating an attractive bathroom doesn’t have to apply just one color. By combining two colors, your bathroom will look different. As you can see, there’s a fresh and clean impression bathroom when you combine the dark blue and white color.

Light grey for relaxing bathroom

Nothing more appropriate than creating a bathroom that can make you feel relaxed. This light grey color can help you to feel that sensation. Even you have a small bathroom, this color won’t make a crowded or narrow bathroom.

Blue pastel to gives a calm impression

Aren’t you agree if the blue color is one of the most favorite colors in the interior or exterior design? That’s why so many different kinds of blue colors were created. Well, usually it will give a fresh look. And for this blue pastel color, it gives a calm and shady impression.

Turquoise color for a fancy bathroom

Turquoise can be your choice to makes a fancy and lovely look to your bathroom. At first, it looks striking to be applied to the bathroom, but choosing this color will make your bathroom look impressive.

Yellow color for strong and bright bathroom look

I can say yellow is a bold color for the bathroom. But, it truly gives a bright cheerful atmosphere in there. When you apply this to your bathroom, there will be no more gloomy or boring look. Are you dare enough for yellow?

The pink color that gives a feminine character

This soft pink color is a perfect match with your daughter’s bathroom. The feminine character from its soft color reflects all over the air. The color compositions still look balanced with red accent on the lampshades.

Creating a romantic look for with lavender color

If you want to try another color, you can choose this lavender color for your daughter’s bathroom. Instead of feminine character, it will bring up a romantic atmosphere to the bathroom. There are tenderness and calm sensations given by this color.

Green and soft turquoise for comfortable bathroom

To create an attractive and comfortable bathroom you can consider this green and soft turquoise color. It will bring you a cool and shady atmosphere. With its mild and soft color, you will feel more relaxed and calm.

The deep blue sea makes a fresh and bright bathroom

Are you the blue tone fan? You can try this blue sea color. No matter for a big or small bathroom, blue color it’s always perfect to create a fresh and bright impression. No worry, just be blue!

Dark grey color for glamour bathroom

No need to afraid that you will create a narrow impression for the room by applying dark colors to the bathroom. Because the use of dark colors such as this dark grey will give a glamour look. A little tip for you is, you can combine the dark color by paying attention to the lighting of the room, both natural light and from the lamps. By making a natural stone motif to the wall, it also gives an impressive look.

Flower wallpaper for floral bathroom look

If you don’t want to use paint for the bathroom, wallpaper can be your alternative choice. This flower wallpaper makes your bathroom has a fresh floral atmosphere. Doesn’t that make your bath more pleasant?

Simple and classic bathroom with polka dot wallpaper

A combination of the white and polka dot motif on the wallpaper gives a classic and vintage impression on the bathroom. Overall, the bathroom looks simple and clean. I think this is great for you who want simplicity.

So, which one is your taste? I hope you feel satisfied enough with these 15 paint ideas for your bathroom. Feel free to share if you think this article also useful for others. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, just simply leave your comment here. Thank you!

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