15 Design Inspirations To Make Your Half Bathroom Become A Memorable Space

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The half bathroom was created to pamper your guest.

Imagine if your guests want to go to the bathroom and you have to show them the main or master bathroom which is far from the living room, or even upstairs if your house is multi-story. They have to pass through a few rooms to go to the bathroom. What a long road!

This is the reason why you need a half bathroom. It facilitates your guests. Even though it has small space in your house—because it only consists of a sink and toilet—of course, you can still make it extraordinary. Please keep scrolling down, because I will give you 15 half bathroom designs that you can use as a reference to apply to your home.

Because your guests deserve the best, then make your half bathroom a comfortable and memorable space.


Square half bathroom with a ceramic interior

The little size ceramic tiles on the wall just like a mosaic. It looks like the wall has a unique random pattern. I think your guests will think the same when the first time they enter the bathroom. And a shared table for the sink and vanity, that’s just great idea to save your half bathroom space.

Bowl half bathroom is also good for interior design

Sometimes you don’t have to think big to make a big change. Maybe you think that to create an amazing look to your bathroom you have to dress up every tiny detail of the room. In fact, you don’t have to. Just by adding a wall decoration, unique home decor or changing the lamps, that will make a real different look to your half bathroom design. Take a look at this one. The bowl and the vanity chair are really eye-catching. The bowl has a striking color, while the chair has a unique design. They absolutely draw attention.


Unique lamp on the half bathroom makes interior look glamour

The bathroom lighting set up can also be an amazing idea to bring a glamour look and giving a memorable impression. Instead of putting only one chandelier, putting a row or two of retro style chandelier can bring up that impression. When your guests enter, who will think that they will be presented with a bright light sensation?

Modern half bathroom with tube style

Installing a natural color and motif of vinyl floor that combine with pastel color on the wall can bring a calm look to your half bathroom. This also creates a clean and bright impression. Of course, we love a clean, clear, and bright bathroom, right? To make your half bathroom design more memorable, a modern tube style sink is a really great idea.

Half bathroom with Scandaviana style

Nature style design always brings freshness on every occasion. If you are interested in this kind of design, I suggest you look at this Scandinavian bathroom style. Look at how the plants bring nice and fresh decoration and how they dominate the bathroom interior design. One more thing, the hexagonal wall motif looks so fabulous, right?

Half bathroom with french decoration style

Your half bathroom can look so simple with this French decoration style. Not much decoration, but has a classy impression. I think the interesting thing with this French style is the color and motif of the wall, and also the wood window sills with its classic design.

Best half bathroom design with Moroccan traditional style

Rich with distinctive motifs. That’s what this Moroccan style design looks like. I’m really sure if you want to make your half bathroom look like this, your guests will be amazed and fascinated.

Geometrics niche pattern walls with unique sink

Covering the bathroom wall with geometric pattern wallpaper is another simple and good idea to impress your guests when they’re entering the room. You can also choose a vintage style sink to bring up the classic sensation.


Classic mode interior for sink

When designing a room, often our attention only focusing on the color tone, wall, lamps style, or furniture. But sometimes, we only need to add or change a few things to create a stunning design. Including half bathroom. Instead of bothering to think about the whole design of your half bathroom, why don’t you choose to bring up just one of an interior element? Like choosing a classic style sink that certainly attracts your guests’ attention.

Simple decoration half bathroom but still look classy!

Simple straight table. Simple straight rack. Simple sink design. Simple faucets. All of these create a really simple look for your half bathroom design. This simple half bathroom design has a little modern classy touch from its soft color.

Modern style for half bathroom in small spaces

You have a small house but still wanna have a half bathroom? Yes, you can create it! You can start with a modern minimalist style for saving your space. Like this one, you can choose a vanity with drawers and sink on top of it. And to lighten up, you can add art decors such as painting and wooden wall display.

Modern half bathroom with blocks storage style, so fancy!

The fancy blocks storage with long square design really represents a modern look. It has firm lines with natural color, and the green one gives a fresh impression. If you take a deep look the sink and the mirror also have a long square shape. That’s really nice, isn’t it?


Wooden walls with country style for half bathroom

All wooden things are always fascinating. I can say this is another way to create a memorable impression on your half bathroom. This design giving a natural, solid, and strong look. You don’t need more home decorations because the wood itself has created a natural atmosphere.

An incredible vintage style for sink

If you think a classic design will works for you, you better choose this sink for your half bathroom interior design. This sink has a vintage style that combines with rustic touch on the vanity.

Half bathroom with exquisite vintage style sink

For you vintage lover, I know you gonna in love with this vintage style sink. Its color makes this sink look so antique. The combination matches perfectly with the copper color on the faucet.


I know lots of half bathroom design that you can find out there. But, I hope you can find at least one that can inspire you and suit your taste. If you have any thoughts just simply leave a comment. Always feel free to share what you find here. Thank you!

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