15 Best Bedroom Storage Ideas

Mostly people need more spaces on their bedroom to be decorated as storage, but when it goes to the bedroom with small spaces, it means you have to cleverly look for any bedroom storage ideas you can apply. But some of them may become so overwhelming on deciding which models or styles they need to take as many choices available anywhere they could get.

But for those who need simple bedroom storage ideas to be applied on their small bedroom, it may look so helpful. We provide you some of tips and ideas you can easily done with only using any simple stuffs in a very simple ways, especially when you try to turn your bedroom to be more comfortable. Reviewed in very simple explanations, here we show you best bedroom storage ideas you easily applied.

Simple bedroom storage with simple shelves in small room

Are you trapped on small room while you’re trying to put storage into your bedroom? Worry not, just begin with dumping any stained, ripped, or faded clothes in your storage, and change it with any stuffs you really wanted to be displayed. This way anyway will enhance any space on your bedroom storage.

You can also use a simple bed with a drawer underneath

Locating some drawers beneath your bed? It will not go wrong as long as you know how to decorate it correctly. Besides giving more space into your bedroom, you can use another space for the other things you wanted to display on your bedroom, exactly by doing this simple idea.

Neatly white interior with oak bed makes bedroom look gorgeous!

Here another idea you can apply to make your bedroom looks gorgeous. Combining all-white interiors tone with the oak style of bed drives your beloved room become more comfortable to stay. Yet, it gives you also different looks with any simple decoration surrounds your bedroom.

Underbed storage pulled box with vintage style will be incredible for bedroom interior design

Who said that vintage style of bedroom interior design can’t be mixed with the more modern style? It’s proved that something never goes wrong while you turn the vintage style into contemporary style. Yet, the storage bedroom system can also be applied on this idea as long as you know how to decorate it perfectly.

Vintage style for bed always be exquisite!

Sometimes problems come from a big built-in wardrobe that fully loaded with many stuff inside the storage. Moreover, it looks worst when all the storages you have are wooden boxes, so it really will take more space over your bedroom. But it’s totally wrong when you look into the bedroom storage design we’ve up above. Just try to choose what still fits in your small room and throw unnecessary things away.

Cozy bed of vintage interior for tiny bedroom

The tiny and small room doesn’t mean you have no chance to place any storage over there. A vintage interior with a cozy bed in tiny bedroom can also still perfectly look suitable as long as you know how to decorate and place anything in the right side.

Wooden trundle bed for kids in small bedroom look so awesome

Kids sometimes get no interest on something that looks so old, especially when it comes to the bedroom. But here, we show you something unique with different touch of small bedroom concept. The bed that styled in wooden trundle also enhances the coziness of that kid’s bedroom.

Boys room with wooden vintage bed will be look trendy and cozy

Who said that vintage style never fits into children’s bedroom? Look what we have up above, surrounded with all wooden accents, those bedroom looks so perfect with the storage that applied beneath the main bed.

Bookshelves, drawers and cabinets that surround the bed will be luxurious and classy

This idea really looks so perfectly modern with any stuff such as bookshelves, drawers and cabinets placed around the main bedroom. Besides giving more space into your bedroom, by turning your room into this style will also increase your efficiency.

Minimalist bed storage that saves space with a drawer underneath

On decorating your bedroom as similar as this idea, you just need to begin the steps with dumping any stained, ripped, or faded clothes in your storage. This way will enhance any space on your bedroom storage that placed below the main bed, so you can put any necessary things over it.

A bed level with study desk and a cabinets underneath makes bedroom look classy and gorgeous

This idea is really perfectly efficient due to the spacious design that applied on this bedroom. As long as you have that same kind of bedroom, you just need to decorate it perfectly. This bed level with study desk and cabinets underneath that bed will give you more benefits due to its spaciousness.

Three bed level for kids bedroom

Living with more than a kid in your home? Not to that worry, this idea will be a great option that you can apply over your children’s bedroom. Applying the three bed level for kids’ bedroom will also give you more space over their bedroom, so you can put any other thing into it.

Colorful portable bed can makes bedroom look fancy and trendy!

Turning your bedroom to become more colorful will give any different feeling, so it will throw all the boredom away.  To make your bedroom looks so fancy and trendy, you just need to put any colorful things in right composition.

Amusing bed level with unique and modern style design

Feeling so overwhelmed on decorating your bedroom? Here is can be the perfect option you can take. Applying an unique bed level that covered in modern style design will make your bedroom looks comfortable, and yet it also can be more spacious with any storage placed beneath the bedroom.

The incredible bed with wardrobe and drawer underneath of modern style

For those who collect much clothes and getting any problems with storage, this idea will be a great option to be applied over their bedroom. By placing any wardrobe and drawer beneath the bedroom, it will perfectly make your room looks more spacious.

Still getting confused to manage your bedroom storage and don’t know how to fix it? Just check all the bedroom storage ideas we’ve described up above and follow the entire ideas turn your bedroom look more perfect.


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